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3rd grade Latin?

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Latin is the one thing that I'm absolutely clueless about.


After lots of reading, I've narrowed it down to Latin for Children Primer A (Classical Academic Press) or Little Latin Reader Primers A & B (Catholic Heritage Curricula). Ack! I can't decide!


FWIW, we are Catholic and are planning to memorize some Latin prayers next year, and DH would like to take DS8 to a Latin mass during the year.

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I don't know anything about the Catholic program...but LFC is in our plans for this year because he likes the activities and games that make it fun. I need Latin to be enjoyable for us to continue on. He likes the supplemental Headventureland. So that is pretty much why we are doing LFC.  

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Is this strictly ecclesiastical pronunciation, or doesn't it matter?


It is a Catholic curriculum and therefore is completely Ecclesiastical.


But, no *I* (a neophyte) don't think it matters. If any of us get high enough in to Latin that we can converse with priests or classics majors in Latin, I am thinking we'll have enough sense to sort out minor pronunciation differences :)

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We have LOVED CHP Little Latin Readers! I reviewed the first couple levels somewhere, let me see if I can find it....


ETA-- Here it is :)


I stumbled on your review awhile back and looked at some of the samples. I never took Latin in high school, so have been learning with dd while doing SSL. It was a triumph looking at the samples because I could say, I know what that means!


As a fun side note, Daedalus Books has a Latin translation of Ferdinand for $4.


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