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MOOC: Through Engineers' Eyes: Engineering Mechanics by Experiment, Analysis and Design

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The words "Through Engineers Eyes" caught my interest.  We probably do "see" things somewhat differently than people who are not Engineers.  I remember watching the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. I was thinking, "if I had worked on that machine, my part of it would have been about the size of a cell phone".   My wife is interested in Astronomy.  She was thinking what it would be like to get a birds eye view, from space.  The (late)  friend who was with us was so impressed that his wife, who was not with us, wanted to go to a launch.


I suspect that when a friend who is a Civil Engineer (Structural), P.E., etc. looks at a tall building, he looks through it and wonders what the structure is like, since that's what he designs.


Tomorrow, when the USA  launches a missile from Kwajalein,  targeting California, to see if they can intercept it, I will be watching with the eyes of an Engineer, because I know that is truly "rocket Science" and is extremely unproven technology. This is a test to simulate an incoming missile launched by North Korea and how the Interceptor missile launched.from Vandenberg AFB will perform.  



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