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Any reviews on 'College Algebra with Trig' through Dr. Callahan?

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I'm looking at my options for Algebra 2, and I see that Dr. Callahan uses College Algebra with Trig for his text.  My sons have used Jacob's Algebra 1 and Geometry and it was a good fit for them.  I'm wondering if this would be a good option for Algebra 2, or if I should switch to Foerster.  

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I have no issues with the book itself, but if a student isn't good at self-teaching, or doesn't have a teacher working with them, this is not for them.  The videos do not teach lessons, they only go over select areas.  

That said, my dd did manage to prepare herself for the College Algebra CLEP test using it, and passed the test.  (With no outside help)

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