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Sermons on CD?

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I don't know if my Google-Fu is broken or what but I've been searching google, amazon and CBD for half an hour and I'm struggling to find Sermons on CD to use as our bible study in the car.


I found one by Tim Keller on generosity and Lent. Neither of quote right for my kids.


Some preachers I like for this purpose:

TIm Keller

Alistair Begg (my top choice)

Chuck Swindoll

Irwin Lutzer is ok

Matt chandler


I love piper but I don't know if I can follow his thoughts while driving. :)


I just don't want to bother with downloading stuff on my phone. A CD would be so great

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I'm going to throw out a few pastors based on who you mentioned. Not sure if they have cd's still but worth a shot.

-randy pope (perimeter church Atlanta)

- rankin wilbourne (pacific crossroads, CA)

- Steve brown (key life)

- George grant (parish pres, franklin tn)

-scotty smith (Christ community church franklin tn - he retired but they may still have his sermons)

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I went to Alistair Begg's website and found sermons for free download or $1.25 on CD. This is the one I clicked on: https://www.truthforlife.org/resources/sermon/dealing-temptation/


These days most car CD players will play computer-made CDs with audio files like downloaded sermons, so you might try making CDs yourself first.

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