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spinoff: social thinking material for how to carry on a conversation/how to think before you speak

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Is there some sort of social thinking material/book for this?  I need something for my 11 YO with ADHD who likes to beat her topic to death.  For example, if she's tattling on one of her brothers, she'll say her initial tattle.  I'll say ok.  If I don't immediately move to go jump on the other kid (or sometimes even if I do), she'll continue to describe every detail of what she thinks they're doing wrong, and/or say the same thing in a variety of different way.  I've told her multiple times that she just needs to say it once and then STOP, but she doesn't get it.  Or if she wants to do something, she'll start telling me all the reasons why she should be able to do it.  I'll say no, or I have to think about it, or whatever, and she'll just go on and on and on with her reasons.  If we're discussing something and we disagree (something pretty meaningless like what color the sky is, or what type of dog just walked by), she'll go on indefinitely with all the reasons why her POV is correct.  


I've been trying to correct this since she was 6 or 7, and we've probably had a few hundred conversations on how to carry on a polite conversation without arguing.  I'm sure I've correct her a few thousand times on this, and she won't stop.  I think some sort of social thinking material that covers conversational skills might be helpful.  We have a book called Raise Your Child's Social IQ that's for kids who struggle with social skills, and that's been helpful for her social skills, but a book we tried before that that was geared for social skills for everyone didn't help.  So she seems to need a little more than a "conversation for dummies" type book, but not as much as something for ASD kids, if that makes sense.

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