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So frustrated with school!

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So, my 10th grader is at public school for the first time this year. Student has a 504 for two minor learning disabilities, ADHD and working memory and processing speed issues. Last summer (as a homeschooler), we applied for accommodations from the College Board. They were denied. I think I asked for too much. My student received accommodations for the ACT with no problems. (and I asked for less) 


Fast forward to this year. Every time I have met with the counselor I have expressed the need for accommodations on the upcoming AP tests. Well, the ball got dropped and they were never requested. :cursing:  The counselor told me she talked to the AP teacher and the teacher thought the student would be fine without accommodations on the AP exam based on grades and class work (extended time IS in the 504 plan). I followed up to tell the counselor the ACT scores were in and student had done very well, particularly in reading. (It was a 6 point jump in composite score from last year. I think dc knew how to use the accommodations better, was more familiar with the test and a year older. Counselor was surprised by the test scores, they are significantly higher than the school's average.) 


I impressed on the counselor the need for accommodations for the upcoming SAT and PSAT. She said, "We'll be really on it at the mid-point for next year," "No, the accommodations are needed for the August SAT and October PSAT," was my response. The school has been dragging their feet, not calling me back or answering e-mails. I called before 9 this morning requesting an update via call or email, heard nothing. I contacted the College Board today to see if the accommodations had been requested, no. I initiated the process with the counselor a month ago. There were several things that needed to happen, but I took care of everything within 24 hours. I followed up with the CB to make sure they had what they needed, yep, everything was back on the counselor. I last emailed the counselor almost two weeks ago after she asked if there was an additional info other than the lengthy psych report. In the email she implied they were getting ready to resubmit, so to call the CB today and hear nothing has been done in almost two weeks, is quite frustrating. I told the counselor I wanted this completed by the end of the school year because the school will not do anything over the summer and it will be too late for the August SAT date anyway.


I know this is rambly, I am just so annoyed. I know the counselor personally, so I am trying to balance that. I cannot believe what a cluster this has turned into. I sent an email before the end of school today saying I wanted an update ASAP and that I had been in touch with the CB. 


What else do I need to do? I know the CB peeps really prefer requests come through the school, but should I just go ahead a resubmit? 

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I would be frustrated, too!


At this point, I would go over the counselor's head. Send an email to the principal and either attach some of the previous messages you sent to the counselor that have gone unanswered, or list in your email the dates that you communicated with her and what your requests were.


I know you have a personal relationship, and that makes it harder, but she is not doing her job. If prodding from you is not effective, she needs to be prodded by her boss.

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