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Need help planning for Chemistry

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My upcoming 11th and 9th graders will be in a chemistry class at our co-op next year that will use Chemistry 101. This class will give them roughly 50 hours of work toward a chemistry credit. At home I would like them to work through a curriculum and do more labs. We may also incorporate videos from Great Courses, or something, as needed. What curriculum and labwork would you recommend we use, knowing they will be working through the Chemistry 101 materials in a class which we will consider a supplement?


Thank you!


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Fwiw, any high school level chemistry curriculum is likely to make that Chem 101 course irrelevant, or just a fun extra depending on how the class is ran. :001_smile: 


If I recall correctly, the GC chemistry course is one that does not get good reviews here. I've avoided it based on boardie reviews.


You might look at Spectrum. http://beginningspublishing.com/version2/spectrum.htm :001_smile: 

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There are several GC chemistry courses, which one were you considering? Here are a few that I know about:


1) Chemistry and Our Universe: How It All Works (60 lectures) is a first year college level course. It looks very complete, but might be rough going without some preliminary exposure.

2) Chemistry, 2nd Edition (36 lectures) is marketed as a supplementary course for high school students that emphasizes problem solving, I suspect that this is the one that has had a few negative reviews, but, I do wonder if the issue is with people using it outside its stated goals (as a supplement for those who want/need additional problem solving exposure). 

3) Foundations of Organic Chemistry (36 lectures) does not have any pre-requisites, but would be more meaningful after at least a good grounding in general chemistry (IMHO) and/or microbiology.

4) The Nature of Matter: Understanding the Physical World (24 lectures) is a physical chemistry/materials science class.


Based on what I know about Chemistry 101, you may want to add additional problem solving (e.g. the second GC course above) and lab work. Even still, it does not seem very rigorous for an 11th grader.


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I was looking at the GC course Chemistry 2nd edition. I guess I should research on here if people don't like it?


I know the chemistry 101 dvds are not rigorous, (but they are enjoyable) and that is why I am looking to do a curriculum at home as well.


I will take a look at Spectrum. Any other suggestions would be helpful as well!


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