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History/ Literature for 7th grade

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I will only be homeschooling ds 13 next year (7th grade).  He really needs to learn how to read for comprehension better and really need to learn how to work hard instead of finding the path of least resistance.  We have been doing Sonlight because I needed something that he could do somewhat independently, but he really needs a more academic road right now.  Because he will be my only homeschooler, I have time to work through this jump with him.  


So, with the above thoughts, what would you recommend?  



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My 7th grader will be doing BYL7 Geography which has literature scheduled and looks amazing. 


This year he did SOTW Early Modern through WTMA.  He did not like this period of history and complained that it is just one war after another.  I want him to start having more independence and to truly enjoy history next year so I let him chose a historical period hoping that he will be inspired.  He chose Ancient history.  I am torn between having him take the WTMA class or having him use a mix of the Oxford Press history books (which we already own) and SWB's History of the Ancient World.  If he does it at home with me instead of the WTMA class I plan to have him do outlines, summaries, and review primary source documents as was assigned this year.


I find that having ds answer the questions in the SOTW study guide helps with comprehension as does writing a short summary.  The class he is taking through WTMA requires the chapter test each week to test comprehension.



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