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Senior year classes...help

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So I am nearing the end with my oldest and while he has taken college courses since his sophomore year he wants his last year to study what he wants.  :-P  He knows he has to take a science, history, English and math course but do they have to be college courses?  Would it look bad if he didn't for his senior year?  He has already completed on English/Lit general ed courses for college and has taken one history credit.  We really only need maybe one in that department but since he is leaning on engineering it looks like they don't even need most of the general eds he took.  Oh well, it helped round out his liberal arts education.  :)


For history he wants to study the few areas we didn't get to study as much such as Middle/Ages & Renaissance, also more into the World Wars, and the Civil War, WWII, etc. 


For Literature not sure what to do there he has done several writing courses, rhetoric and British Literature.  He kinda wants to do his own thing for that too.  Would that be bad?


He will be taking college:  Statistics or Calc 2 for math (depending on his AP score this year), a college science (unsure yet of that one) and Engineering through an online program and possibly speech or psychology as an elective.


We have WAY more than we need in the HS credit department, he could graduate early but holding out for the scholarships,etc.


Thanks for you all's help!  Your the best!

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Let him have some fun with it! Sounds like you've got a balance for the year of some DE courses and some things he wants to do for himself. It's a good time to explore projects or start applying his skills in creative ways. I'd just let him try it and see what happens. :)

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