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Please help with my 4th grade LA plans


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I am not very good at LA myself and I need some help deciding if my plans will work. I would like to use grammar island, I am TERRIBLE at grammar. It has always seemed subjective and overwhelming but the whole to part method resonates so well with me. Even the diagram in the sample about the 4 different levels of grammar explained so much to me! I never realised that nouns and subjects were not on the same level. Anyways, I think dd will like it too :) for spelling we are currently happy working with apples and pears. I am thinking of trying EIW for our writing program. We have been doing writing strands this year and haven't loved it. Do I need anything else? Should I also do the vocab mct program? She does Latin, do we need a Latin based vocab program as well?

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Honestly, we found studying Latin made separate vocab study redundant. Latin itself is more than enough for vocab.


I don't see literature. For my rising 4th grader I've made a collection of high quality children's literature. The skill level and type of story are varied. I'll put them all in one particular shelf and tell her she can read anything she likes from that shelf on a daily basis. We'll discuss them as she goes. I don't use guides. (This worked fabulously for all her older siblings, fwiw.)


She'll also use JAG, R&S spelling, and Wordsmith Apprentice. She studies Spanish for language.

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