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  1. My kids LOVED and really benefited from these drawing lessons- it’s a bit pricey, but they learned so much. He has a few free lessons you could try. as for hand lettering, my daughter has this kit and has also really loved it.
  2. My oldest who is fine with traditional instruction is going in to 7th, the next who needs something different is going in to 4th. (And there is a 2nd and preschooler too)
  3. Hi! I'm sure this has been discussed before but I tried searching and couldn't find any. I'm wanting to do some "professional development" this summer and work on improving my teaching abilities. I feel like I'm a little stuck on teaching like I was taught in the traditional classroom. I'm struggling to think outside the box. This was fine for my oldest dd as she loves school and thrives in all areas of it. My 2nd dd doesn't like school. She has a lot of interests and is good at a lot of things, but anything "school" she bawks at. I'm looking for how to be more outside the box for her, to help her foster a love of learning. Do you have any books or lectures that have helped you grow in this area of your teaching?
  4. Thank you for these responses! I struggle with feeling like a push over, but it really helps to have reinforcement that switching is a good choice. I will do that 🙂
  5. My dd’s are 12 and 9 and we are doing swim team this summer at our pool. The 9 yo is on the swim team and 12 yo is on dive team. Their 2 best friends Are on dive team. Now my 9 yo wants to switch to dive team but I want her to stay with swimming and we are in a stand off. I wanted her to do swimming in order to strengthen her swimming skills. I feel like she just wants to switch to diving to be with her friends. She sees these 2 friends everyday (they are our neighbors) so I feel like it would be good for her to branch out a little. She says that’s not what it is about, she really wants to learn the diving skills. Also, she says that swimming is too hard and that she gets too tired (which is actually what I like about it.) I can’t decide if I should stick to my guns and keep her on the swim team. She would get stronger and I think she would be proud of what she gained. Or if I should say it’s summer and I just want her to have fun and let her switch to diving. Basically I’m being worn down by her daily fight to switch and can’t imagine having this argument every morning for the next 6 weeks... also, they aren’t doing in person meets this summer. They will have virtual meets where they time the swimmers from different teams and the fastest wins. I think the incentive of winning would be fun. I talked to her coach and he said that she could switch if she wanted too, but he was surprised because “she’s such a good swimmer.”
  6. I am looking for an upper elementary book that covers the three branches of government; local, state, and federal government; voting. Just a basic overview. Usborne has this one, but it doesn't seem to cover the 3 branches. Any other suggestions?
  7. I love summer break and fully embrace a relaxed lifestyle. We sleep in and then I use to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the news. But I haven't been enjoying the news for a while. I need something else to watch or listen to while drinking my coffee. Just like 20 min. Maybe a light podcast? Any suggestions?
  8. YES! I have been going through this for weeks and my lost package was just resolved yesterday. I ordered $80 worth of books from classical academic press. They sent it media mail and the tracking # had it arriving in my city on April 25th but then nothing. I called the post office, I went in person to 2 locations, and I filed an online request. USPS sent me an official response stating that the tracking number registering in my city was computer generated and that the shipper never actually delivered the package for shipment. So CAP printed postage but never took it to the post office. I was working with CAP and they were going to send me out a new package and our of nowhere it shows up on my doorstep yesterday! Tracking still shows it stuck in the city office. 🤔 I think media mail is running extra slow. So hold out hope, I hope yours turns out as mine did.
  9. What online providers offer summer reading programs? I have found Schole Academy and Memoria press. Any others?
  10. We are in the market for a new family physician. I have been unhappy with mine because she is too hard to get ahold of. When I call and leave a message I never get a call back. I want to use Adventhealth, so I looked at providers in my area- there are physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, MDs and DOs. I thought I wanted an md, not sure why, just sounds good. So I looked at the list- one lady had great reviews but she is 60. I have no problem with an older doctor- in fact I prefer it, but I don’t want her retire in a few years and I have to look again. Another lady seems exactly my age. I would prefer someone older than me. I would just like someone who has been through my life stage and can relate. I though I found the perfect one, 40’s and mother of 4. But when I called they said she only works 2 day/week. Since my current complaint is that my dr is hard to get ahold of, someone who only worksm2 days/ weeks doesn’t seem like a good idea. Am I being too picky? Should I look at DO’s? Any suggestion at what to look for?
  11. We are just finishing R&S 6 for my 6th grade dd. When do people usually switch to pre-algebra? 7th? 8th? I’ve heard r&s is a bit behind, so should we do another year before going to pre algebra? I have also read that r&s 7 is redundant and some people go from book 6 straight to 8. And insight?
  12. My oldest will be in 7th grade in the fall and I am looking for a science program for her. We have lightly done 2 years of science. She has read through apologia astronomy (5th grade) and physical science (6th grade) on her has done some of the experiments also on her own. I haven’t done an good job of engaging her on it and with no teacher involvement I don’t think she has retained much. She doesn’t show much interest in science and isn’t super curious about science things. I am willing to be more involved than I have been in the past. And I think outlining would help with retention. But I need a simple curriculum with a few experiments (not a ton) that would give her a basic foundation. Any suggestions?
  13. Next year the kids will be in 7th, 4th, 2nd, and pre-k. We started with SOTW when ODD was in 1st, but for various reasons we are still finishing it up 😬🤪 This year we are finishing vol.3 so next year we need to do modern times. We listen to the audios and discuss it. We also do one or 2 real alouds on the time period. I think that we are getting a bit tired of it, especially since we have been doing it for so long. Especially for 7th grader, I think she would like something a bit deeper and less of an overview. But I hate to quit when we are so close to finishing. Is there a different program I could use for modern times just to mix it up a bit but still feel like we completed the whole cycle? Or if you were burnt out, would you just throw in the towel and go for something else? Suggestions?
  14. I've been trying to come up with a plan, but there don't really seem to be any options. What would you do with your young kids if you and dh get corona and are unable to care for them? My kids are 11, 9, 6, and 4. I would assume that they would be contagious so no would could take them. I would need 11 yo to take care of everything😬 I think the older 2 would be ok, but taking care of the younger 2 would be a huge thing for them to do for a week or so.
  15. We live in suburban Midwest. We have a neighboring family that we are very close with. We have 4 kids, they have 3. Usually, our kids play together everyday. The other mom has said that she is comfortable with them still playing together outside. She says that it’s harder to spread outside, and that our families are both quarantining with little outside contact so she thinks it’s safe. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the professionals are telling us, right? Does anyone still have kids that are playing with one specific close family as long as it’s outdoors?
  16. Dh works from home regularly and he has his own office. But we talk to him and he talks to us all day long. I never thought about it before reading this thread, but maybe that's part of the reason why it takes us ALL.DAY.LONG to finish our school 🤣
  17. This website is satire and conservative. This article gave me a laugh, especially about the cardboard in the toilet paper rolls :)
  18. This has all been very helpful for thinking this through. Thank you all for your input and experiences. Alice- there are several teams in my area that we could join. Is there something I should look for if choosing one? Anything I should ask beforehand?
  19. My kids went to the elementary school for a year 2 years ago, so we know a lot of the community there. It's a nice neighborhood school. I think summer school would be fine. My oldest would be in the middle school and the idea of having a schedule and changing classes is magical to her. I guess you can say she is a bit nerdy! The drive to the pool is less than 10 minutes. I didn't think about dropping them off. I guess I could do that! I know we don't HAVE to do anything. I just LIKE to do things like this. My kids do free play a lot. They run all around the neighborhood and wreck all kinds of havoc with neighbor friends 🙂. In fact, this is exactly what they are doing right now.
  20. We aren't in California, we are in the mid west. We have friends who have done summer school and really liked it- said it was more project based learning. But that was elementary and odd would be in middle school- not sure if it would make a difference. They kids are in classes, not just free play in the gym. And even if it was horrible and they hated it the benefit would be they would more appreciate homeschool! They do already know how to swim. Every summer we get a membership to the local outdoor pool, so without swim team they will still swim for fun a couple of times a week. Swim team just adds the community and competition. My kids are open to either idea.
  21. I am trying to decide between summer school and swim team for my 2 odd’s ages 11 and 9. I really want to do both, but they occur at the same time and it’s not possible 😞 I’m really stuck and can’t decide. We have never tried either in the past. I have 4 kids, 11, 9, 7, and 4. Here is my pro/con list: summer school (provided by our local school district): -free -see neighborhood friends - gives mom a 6 hour break every day for a whole month! **this is the main pro** - might learn something - good trial of public schools, as we have been thinking of using public high school in a few years. swim team: - fun - I think odd would thrive in an individual sport- she has only played team sports but is competitive and I would like to see her push herself. - make friends - strengthen swimming skills - we have lived in our city for 2.5 years and are still trying to figure out exactly where we fit in. We are always looking for some sort of club where we might find “our people.” cons: -costs $ - I would have to drive and stay there 2 hours every day for 2 months. I’m not sure if having to go would actually drive me crazy. summer school is only 1 month whereas swim team is almost 2. I’m not sure if this is a pro or con... any thoughts? Wwyd?
  22. Do you mind sharing how much they cost? And did that include any prints/books or did you buy those separately? Lastly, how often do you do them? Our oldest is 11 and we have done photos once. I am wanting to do photos with a very expensive photographer and I am trying to justify it by the fact that we have skipped the last 7 years 😂😂
  23. I played a big group game once and I'm trying to remember how it went. Everyone chose a famous person to be their character and wrote it on a piece of paper. Then all the papers were turned in and read aloud. We then had to figure out who was who, I can't remember if we took turns or just shouted out guesses. And somehow when you guessed someone correctly they became "linked" to you so that if someone wanted to guess your character they had to say both names. So chains formed and in the end there were just 2 people who each had 10 or so characters linked behind them. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I played it when I lived in England if that makes a difference.
  24. Is there a version of Peter Pan that is written in script form? Maybe I just need to order some that have been adapted to become plays. She has written a few plays that she has then preformed with her friends. I know many say it's better to watch plays, but she specifically wants to see them written in order to get better at it too.
  25. Dd is 11 and is wanting to read a play. What would you recommend that would be appropriate for this age? I remember reading Thornton wilder in college, but now I can't remember anything about it.
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