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How accurate / fixed is an ASD diagnosis

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I view things differently. While we don't broadcast it, we do share the information with people that appear to be sincere. It has made for some good discussions with people concerned about a loved one or people that genuinely want to know and understand. I want my boys to be comfortable with who they are. For those that are not accepting, we have no time for.

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Ds was diagnosed with ASD later at age 16 but I knew for years before that. We needed the official label for college. He is also ADHD and has a genius IQ. The label he has the most difficulty with is the IQ one. His visual spatial learning style can make classroom learning difficult. Add EF difficulties to that and he wonders why the neuropsych would call him gifted when he's so 'dumb". Outside of the classroom, his unique problem solving abilities can shine.


Obviously the kids he met in the Autism spectrum classes at college obviously know that he is on the spectrum. He doesn't tell random acquaintances but he is comfortable telling close friends about it. It's never changed the dynamics of the friendships.



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