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Speech therapy stall.

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We've been with the same therapy clinic since moving to Wichita Falls in September of 2015, and in that time my 8yo son and I have worked with four different speech therapists. The first one administered an IQ test after I specifically told her I didn't want her to do it, so I asked for a different therapist. Since then two more have moved away from the area. The one we're currently working with is okay, but I don't get much useful feedback from him and he never gives us homework. I think all of the progress my son has made in the past 6 months has been due to maturity rather than therapy. I'm hesitant to ask for a different therapist since we've already been through the first incident. I'm thinking of just starting my own teaching/evaluation process by working through the Building Thinking Skills books and working on any problem areas as they pop up. Thoughts? Are there other workbooks that might be better?

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You can get a lot of good materials through Linguisystems, Super Duper, Gander Publishing, TeachersPayTeachers, and so on. What specifically are his goals?


A SLP should definitely *NOT* be administering an IQ test because that is outside the scope-of-practice. Now it is fine to do a cognitive screening to see whether or not a referral to a psychologist is warranted, but I'm talking a quick pass/refer type thing that doesn't give an actual number. And if the parent specifically expressed a desire for me to not do a screening, I would respect that (but if I felt it important for the child to have an evaluation for intellectual or developmental disabilities, I might require one before accepting the child as a client).

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As far as your speech therapist -- maybe you can schedule a parent appointment to talk, or ask for a moment to talk. Say you would like more feedback. Say you would like homework.


If it doesn't improve with really being specific and trying to find a time when it is not rushed -- I think you can tell your concerns to a supervisor and see what response you get. That could be -- improvement or they say it will improve, or it could be change therapists.


If you don't think much is happening I think it is appropriate.


Good luck!

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If your not happy, I would switch. What's the use in paying for and dedicating time to therapy that you don't think is working. We switched speech therapists a lot and I know there were some hurt feelings. If you switch and you still don't feel its useful then I would do it at home.


And there are a lot of great apps for speech therapy depending on what his goals are. We have a ton after four and a half years of therapy. 

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