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SAT Math section vs Math Subject Test ...what's the difference

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Title says it all. How does the math subject test differ from the math portion of the combined reading, writing, math test? 


My 16 year old is taking  the math and physics subject tests in June.   Just looking for some insight to someone who's taken it recently. 

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Which Math subject test?  1 or 2?  The Math 1 tests concepts roughly through Algebra II and the Math 2 tests concepts through PreCalc and trigonometry.  The curve is more generous on the Math 2 than on the Math 1, however. I would say the Math 1 would be closer in topic coverage to the regular SAT math sections than the Math 2, simply because of the more advanced topics on the Math 2.  One basic difference is that a calculator can be used for the entire math subject test, while it is prohibited during some portions of the regular SAT math.  

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