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DS has used CLE with good success for the last several years. Knowing we'd have to switch at some point, we tried both Math Mammoth and Beast Academy this year and both attempts failed miserably. DS definitely needs a spiral program. He's usually quite good at math but needs frequent review to keep things fresh.


My plan was to do CLE 7 & 8 next year, accelerating as has been described elsewhere on this board, but now I'm not so sure that will work. We sort of tried that strategy this last Light Unit, trying to get through more of the 6th grade level since we got started late (thanks to the MM/BA debacles.) He bombed the 606 test. 


Are there other one-year spiral prealgebra options? I'd like him to get to algebra in 8th grade since he's interested in STEM careers and I'd like to keep his options open. 

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A lot of the CLE 7/8 is business/personal/practical type math.


I still have CLE 7 and 8 here, if you want me to see how many lessons you would have if you skipped all that? 

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We switched from Singapore Math, which is mastery based to Saxon Pre Algebra this year and have been pleased. My littles do CLE now but I plan to transition all of them to Saxon when they enter 7th grade. It's spiral without a lit of flash, it's getting the concepts down and executing them. It's a solid program, in my opinion. We tried AoPS and it just wasn't for us. 

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Ok, I looked at our 700/800 level CLE. 


We don't use the first unit/review units, so these totals will be for 702-710 and then 802-810:


700 Level (702-710)

Quizzes and Tests: 30 lessons

Geometry (volume, area, drawing, volume, etc.) 24 lessons


Metric/US measurement and practical math (checks, credit, etc.) 25 lessons


Math (angles, graphs, basic math such as LCM, algebra, probability, set theory type stuff): 68

Note: some of these lessons, like making bar graphs, were very easy and could possibly be combined


800 Level (802-810)

Quizzes and Tests: 28 


Geometry: 14 lessons


measurements and practical math: 41 (including the entire light unit 810) 


math/algebra/sets/graphs/angles/etc: 64 lessons

again, some of these are quite easy


I think there is probably a fair amount of overlap with the end of 700 and the beginning of 800 as well. 

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I would be concerned about why and what was specifically bombed.  I would not immediately assume that acceleration is unworkable or that conversely just switching to another spiral program that covers topics in one year would work better.  There is a ton of review in CLE.  If accelerating just does not work in general for this student then another program that covers topics much more quickly and with less review may not work either.  If accelerating with the one light unit didn't work but didn't work because of just a few specific topics that the student was not grasping then tossing the baby out with the bathwater may not be necessary either.  They may have those gaps regardless of program or may just struggle with a specific topic and some solid review in that area would clear it up.  I'm not saying switching is a bad idea.  I'm just saying before you go to the time and expense of doing so, determine where and why the disconnect occurred.


In other words, before making any decisions, figure out WHY and specifically WHAT caused him to bomb that test.  Have you analyzed the specifics?  Did he do badly in all the subjects covered?  Only one or two?  Were they topics he had struggled in before?  Was he doing well in the lessons themselves and only bombed the test?  Is it possible in accelerating that you picked a schedule that cut out too much review of new concepts?  Could he maybe have some gaps from a previous light unit that need shorting up?  Was he having a bad day?

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