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Children's (full) Bible with lots of maps?

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One of my Sunday school students has aspergers and gets upset when he can't find the books of the Bible. So I'm going to buy him a children's bible and add tabs.


But one of his passions is maps! He loves loves maps! He knows all the continents and tectonic plates etc. so I know he'd love a Bible with lots of maps!


It can be any version. His mom seems like a reasonable person and would be fine with NLT, NIV, ESV etc


(I will ask her permission before giving it)

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This is the bible my church gives to 3rd graders: https://www.amazon.com/Faith-Student-Bible-ESV-Pamela-Nielsen/dp/0758626991 - it has twelve pages of maps, and the intended age range is 8-14.


This is the bible my middle dd has: https://www.cph.org/p-18169-my-very-first-holy-bible-esv-translation.aspx - it has eight pages of maps. It has over 120 color illustrations and retellings of 120 Bible stories in addition to the full ESV text of the Bible, to make it a little more accessible to younger readers as well (age range is 5-12). It has a simplified set of cross-references that connect common doctrinal verses to the narratives - I've found them helpful myself.

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I decided on just hte maps, and a set of tabs, that I will give to his mother.  :) And then she can enjoy sitting down with him and putting the tabs into his own bible that she purchases.  Getting a kid a first Bible is very special and I don't want to do that. :)  But the maps will be a big treat and the tabs will help him in class.  THanks guys.

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