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DIVE Biology DVD or Apologia Instructional Dvds?

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Can someone please tell me about the Dive dvds for use with Apologia Biology?


It's much more affordable, but does it walk the student through the experiments? How much teaching is there?


The Apologia Dvds ( not the Red Wagon Tutorials) have teaching for all modules, plus the experiments, but it's just so expensive.


I'd appreciate any experience from those who've used either, but especially the DIVE.



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We used DIVE for biology last year and did not have a great experience. We used the streaming videos and online tests and quizzes.

The instructions say that all information the student needs is in the lectures and the reading is just there to support the lectures. However, we did not find that to be the case. I watched a few lectures with my son and then took the quiz myself. The quiz questions were sometimes very random. My son did not do well, but since we were using the online version and I couldn't see the tests or quizzes, I didn't know how to help him study.

He watched the labs and did some of them on his own . Most could not be done in a household setting because specialty equipment was not available to us. He would have preferred less cool labs that he could do all on his own.

It turned me off from all DIVE products.

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I wouldn't recommend using any of the DIVE science programs with Apologia. The quizzes and tests require using something more rigorous and better correlated with his lecture and experiments. We picked some of the labs to do at home, and some to watch.


BJUP or his Internet links are a better choice if you go with his program.


We were very happy with his Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry programs, but used something else for Physics because I don't like Saxon Physics.

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