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Thinking of getting this program for my kids, probably just my oldest for now, and wondering which book to start with. She already did most of WWE 1 and 2 and is doing ELTL 3 this year (half way through it). Could we skip the fables and go right to book 2: Narratives part 1?

I'm also looking at writing strands book 3 as an option but can't decide, should I just get both?! :) also if I get W&R do I need the teacher manual or is the workbook sufficient?

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I think you probably could if you wanted to. We just finished Narratives 1 and it doesn't seem a stretch from WWE2 or ELTL (we did 1/3 of ELTL 2 so I'm familiar with the layout). I was a little disappointed in the teacher's manual. There's not a lot of extra information, mostly just answers and few things to help you out with some of the discussions.


I also own Writing Strands 3 but I've never used it. I can answer questions as to layout or types of assignments, but not how they play out or give any opinions. They are cheap books, so if you're very undecided it wouldn't be a big deal to purchase it if you can't get a hold of it any other way (that's why I have it lol!)



Edited to add: the W&R series is fun. At least, it's not dry and boring - my dysgraphic 10 year old prefers it over any other writing. There's a lot of playing with words, rewriting sentences in many different ways. The little stories they use are interesting. We're currently going through IEW-A because I feel like they teach some important skills not really touched on in W&R (although perhaps they'll get to it?) but we'll go back to W&R because we both like it.

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