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  1. I am using this with my 9th grader and bought the text directly from the website. Without being a teacher or school admin it was the only thing available to buy from the website. I can't access any of the labs, teach manuals or any of the online stuff without school affiliation so we are using just the text and a study guide for it that I could find on Amazon. I really love the text book and it wasn't too expensive so I dont feel like I wasted money it is just frustrating to not have access to labs or an answer key πŸ˜• I am wondering if anyone else has this text book and how they are using
  2. yes, after I posted this I went back to the Norton website and realized I thought I thought I was buying the highschool level version but got college levelπŸ˜• oppps! However, it is a fabulous book and actually really interesting to read, not too dry and full of information. I like the way it lays it out and covers everything and I feel like we will be able to focus on the key points and just not worry too much about all the extra stuff that makes it college-level. She is answering the questions that are every couple pages and seems to be understanding it so far! I bought the 11edition full versi
  3. I bought this book for my daughter and was wondering if anyone else was using it or had used it before? I have the teachers manual and access to some online quizzes but am looking for more resources that might go along with it and make it easy for my 9th grader to understand. I read through the teachers manual and the questions seem a tad hard (more at a college level) I could be wrong it's been awhile since I was in college history class πŸ™‚ We haven't really gotten into it so honestly I haven't even tried her with the questions, maybe it will be fine, I just want to see what else I can find fo
  4. Thank you! this was super helpful and I think we worked out some troubles today. I had him go back and re-do his graphic organizer and put things in order better. Than he used that to write out a rough draft that was rough but MUCH better than his first attempt! I will have him work on the revision tomorrow and see how that goes. πŸ™‚ thanks for the help!
  5. Thank you for the response πŸ™‚ This section of the program is writing a personal narrative about an embarrassing moment that happened to the student. It actual starts back on lesson 15 and is broken up into a handful of separate lessons starting with brainstorming, organizing thoughts, drafting, revising, and then the final draft. The instructor does a great job explaining and I am happy with how it is taught but I think my son just needs it broken down even more. He had trouble with the graphic organizer but with help from me we got through that OK. Then he moved on to the rough draft and it is
  6. Hi, I'm using EIW level 7 for my 7th grader and really liking it so far! We came to lesson 17, the first real writing bit, and my son is a bit stuck πŸ˜• his writing needs a little help. I don't think he is quiiiiiite understanding from the lessons and I am having a hard time communicating what he needs to improve without just out-right telling him what to write! I was wondering if anyone who has used EIW found that adding another program helped clarify some things and what programs they found to work well with this program. I know this is a pretty specific question so even if you have
  7. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the suggestions and help, I am adding more books to her reading list from your suggestions and found a US History book to use as a spine that I am excited about trying! Also wanted to update because I was able to get a hold of our local high school guidance office today and speak with someone about homeschooling with the possibility of re-entering next year or a some point. I told her I was homeschooling this year but my daughter might want to enter back into PS next year or some other year and I was wondering if there might be a problem with
  8. Yes I am aware the school will be the final call on all subjects if she chooses to try and enroll at some point. I was just posting to see if anyone had experience with humanities or even just experience with enrolling kids into high school after homeschooling some of high school. I am aware she might not get to jump into PS at grade level and if that was the case I'm prepared to just continue homeschooling until she graduates. The school has not responded to my voicemail after a few days so I was getting antsy to talk it over with people who might have experience and input on the matter.
  9. I tried to intentionally pick quick, interesting reads for her to start because she is not a reader (yet!) and this will be a huge step from what she is used to. For 8th grade she did an online charter school and there was no reading of actual books so I am trying to ease her back into reading a bit. She is a good reader, at grade level, but reluctant for sure! I am starting slow but will add on some other age-appropriate books as we go. thanks for the suggestions!
  10. thank you πŸ™‚ yes that is what I have called them about and left the voicemail. I am still waiting to hear back and while I waited I was re-reading their course book and wondering if my history/english plan was going to be enough to be considered "humanities". I will also be asking about her other work that she is doing this year but that was more straight forward. They have freshman take Algebra 1 and biology and she is doing both of those at home using AOPS introduction to Algebra and Levine/Miller Biology. She is also taking at least 4 electives throughout the "school year".
  11. Looking for some feedback on the US history/English I am putting together for my incoming 9th grade daughter. I am trying to keep her on track to possibly enter the local PS high school if she decides to do that next year or any year before graduation. At our high school they do not have English or social studies separate, they combine the courses into a 2 credit humanities course which is described in the course catalog as "an academic discipline that integrates the study of English, history, and other related subjects, to explore fundamental questions relating to the human experience."
  12. I just signed my 9th grade daughter up for a class at Outschool, it's called Drawing - A Fun Way to Improve Your Skills! (Jr/Sr. High). I have never tried Outschool before but I like the look of this class and that it is a flex schedule so she doesn't have to report to any online meetings. It is only a 6 week class I think so I'm not sure how much of a credit it will be but I figure it's a start and if she likes it and it works out I can just sign her up for another.
  13. This is my son exactly! He is also a 7th grader. With that said I have no good advice I guess because I am in the same boat πŸ˜• I just bought Saxon 6/7 for him to start in a couple weeks. He was in PS last year and for 5th and 4th grade as well. When I homeschooled his early years he struggled with learning addition and all the basics then and then in school was put in title one classes for math every year. I noticed at the end of this year with remote learning that the teacher would move him forward after he just started getting the concept then he would forget the next day but still get pushed
  14. I went to the Miller Levine site but it is a little confusing. Under the "shop" section it appears you can purchase the 2019 version (I think it's the textbook but maybe it's digital??) for 92$ but that doesn't seem correct because on Amazon it's almost 250$ and all the used places have it listed at at least 130$?? Also there doesn't seem to be a workbook available on the website but I think I found one on Amazon for 30$. Am I missing something or is the new textbook really available in print for 92$?
  15. Looking for a 9th grade bio text and like the looks of this one! I see there is a 2019 version with a bee on the cover, is this the latest? Is it much different from the bird cover? Where has everyone found the best place to buy these texts and the workbooks? I don't mind used copies πŸ™‚
  16. Looking for a recommendation for secular middle school geography? I know there are tons of free maps online but sort of looking for more of a workbook or something that is open and go that he can work through just to get him started in social studies for the year. Anyone have a program or workbook they have used and love? Doesn't have to be rigorous, this is just a starting point for him to get warmed up! πŸ™‚
  17. I just found this resource https://sheg.stanford.edu/list-reading-historian-lessons and I like the looks of it. I want to teach my 7th and 9th grader US history this year and don't mind piecing it together a bit if I can't find a ready-to-go curriculum but I would prefer to have questions laid out already like this program seems to do. Just want to find some US history books to go along with it. Has anyone used this program and can recommend some books that might pair well with it? Thank you πŸ™‚
  18. haha, yes this is a tricky one πŸ˜• my daughter is a horse girl and works full time at a stable so she is getting a homemade Equine science course for this year but I might want to find a lite biology class to add in too. My son loves chickens and space so I am trying to find a lite poultry science course for him (maybe from 4-H mall) and an astronomy curriculum. πŸ“πŸͺ
  19. thank you, I just found that Essentials in writing/lit and like the looks of it a lot! I want to check with my kids and see what they feel about watching video instruction vs. all just learning from a book. My son was PS last year with the last 2 months 100% remote learning and my daughter is just now finishing her online charter school.... they didn't like it very much! and I am afraid they might be so turned off from online anything at this point they might balk at this, but I am going to show them the sample and give it a shot! πŸ™‚
  20. ...and science and history/SS but I am focused on ELA at the moment so I'll start there πŸ˜„ I have a 7th grader and a 9th grader and I don't need their program to be the same. I bought them both soaring with spelling already but still am searching for lit/writing and grammar. Does not need to be all in the same program but does need to be secular. If anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate some help πŸ™‚
  21. Looking for a LA course for my 9th grader to start soon. I am thinking of getting her on an AP track in her HS years but am not very familiar with the process. She is bright and can be a hard worker, she has skipped a grade but her birthday is in Oct so by some state standards she is technically in her correct grade anyway. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an english/lit curriculum that might help prepare her for taking an AP course next? oh and if it has an emphasis on spelling that would be even better! she is a good writer but can NOT spell at all, it's kind of baffling
  22. Thank you, I had never heard of that test before, I think I'll give it a try and use it as a starting point!
  23. yes, I had tried that a bit with him back in 1st grade but was just using someones old workbook and didn't have all the pieces to it. I think I was jumping around a lot then trying to find the perfect fit. I will have to look at that again. I did print out the Saxon math placement test and am going to have him try that tomorrow and get an idea where he might fall in that program
  24. Hmm, so mental math? he isn't great at it but if he is in the right frame of mind...paying attention....he can do it. Otherwise he needs to write it down and figure it out. It's like sometimes he forgets he can do it. He has ADD but I have had him off meds because he also has anxiety and it gets way worse on stimulants which is the only ADD med that works for him! πŸ˜•
  25. yes, I think he has those all down, for the most part. He still needs help with basic multiplication facts and needs a reminder on the steps for long division and multiplying 2 digit numbers. He was covering area and perimeter with his class during remote learning this spring, he can do the basic functions but when he was asked to solve for the missing side or figure the area of a complex shape he would get overwhelmed and not be able to even start the problem at all unless the teacher (or I) was reminding him of the steps and helping him through the process. So this makes me think he might n
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