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I am thinking about using The Complete Book of Animals plus a book basket plus some videos for science for dd8 and dd6 next year.  I guess i could look up each animal on youtube, but I'd love suggestions for good dvds about animals!  A set about different animals in a variety of habitats would be perfect! Thanks!

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Look into the BBC produced nature DVDs. There are a slew of them - http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/collections


Some are available Netflix or other streaming services, and I think a great deal of them are available on Amazon as well at a non-unreasonable price. We have several and my kids love them. If you have sensitive kids, you might prescreen some of it, as well.....it's nature. There's death sometimes. I see on your sig you have a 5 year old and 2 year old, so some may be a bit much. I've been told Curiosity Stream has a function with pre-screened videos for kids, but I've never subscribed, so not sure. Maybe someone else can write more on that. 



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Dd and I just discovered another really cool British series on Netflix called Wildlife SOS. It's about a Wildlife rescue centre in Surry, UK who help rescue local wildlife that are injured, orphaned, trapped, etc. They then release them back into their natural habitat. Dd volunteers at a similar wildlife rescue here in Canada, so it's very fun seeing some similar and many different animals.

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