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What's with the ads?

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La Condessa

Let's Go Learn has hiked up its prices :(

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Ugh. Dh wants the kids doing regular assessments, so we do the ADAM and DORA twice a year. When oldest dd started, we just missed a group buy on homeschool buyer's coop, and I thought they'd be having more in the future. Six months ago, they had changed their pricing structure to be cheaper if you bought more tests at the same time, but we couldn't afford to buy extras at the time.

I saved up so I could purchase 10 at once this time for a significant discount, but when I went to make the purchase I found that they've raised their prices since then.


It's now $25 per assessment; you have to buy three just to get the old basic price of $20 each. And since buying 10 at a time now only saves you $3/test instead of $8, I can't afford to buy that many--and the next step down only saves you $1 each. I'm just so frustrated. This is getting too expensive with #3 starting schooling and another little one coming along, too.

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I first bought DORA on homeschool buyer's coop, and I was disappointed when it wasn't available there for subsequent children.  Boo!


Do you drastically change your instruction based on the test results?  If not, perhaps you could convince DH to go down to testing just once a year?   And/or start testing in 3rd grade instead of K?



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I have made pretty significant changes based on info from assessments in the past, but I think once a year would be plenty. I'll discuss it with dh.


Do the Math Mammoth placement tests just give a grade level to work in, or do they give any info beyond that?

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