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  1. I'd recommend Spanish For You for foreign language. I like that the structure of the program makes it really easy to use with multiple grade levels of students at once. There is a nice mix of conversation activities, games, and worksheets. I found it comfortable to use as someone who took 5 years of Spanish classes in high school and college but never reached fluency.
  2. The Step into Reading book, "The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War" is good for that age. My first grader this year is a strong reader and read this aloud with me. Last time around, I had a second grader who wasn't reading much, and we used "Tales from the Odyssey" by Mary Pope Osborne as a read-aloud.
  3. What we're doing is: Read the section in the book and try the example problems that are explained in the text. Skip the exercises in the book and instead work on Alcumus until that topic gets to green. Go on to the next topic and repeat. Then at the end of a chapter, work on Alcumus until all of the topics for that chapter turn blue. I assign the review problems in the text as a test. Then she has a couple days to work through some of the challenge problems before moving on to the next chapter. She has the difficulty level on Alcumus turned to "normal" most of the time, but we've switched it to "easy" for topics she has struggled with.
  4. No, but I'm looking at doing the middle ages next year with grades 1, 2, 5, and 8. We're using Curiosity Chronicles Snapshots of Ancient History this year and like it (obviously adding in lots of other stuff for the 7th grader).
  5. rebbyribs


    My / my husband's normal is to start a conversation with a little bit of "Hi, how are you?" and "Do you have a minute?" before asking a favor unless it's an emergency. Although if it's a medical emergency, I would hope my husband would call the doctor first and fill me in later rather than asking me to get in touch with the doctor and relay his symptoms secondhand. One problem we do have is that my husband often thinks I'm upset with him when I haven't said anything that would indicate being upset and then he gets defensive and I DO get upset. The bit about "I knew you would bitch at me," sounds a bit like that to me. Like he was hesitant to ask you about the phone because he "knew" you were going to get angry with him about forgetting the phone, whereas it wasn't a big deal to you and you might've been at most slightly annoyed. I have no idea what to do about that dynamic though. ?
  6. My brother did something similar - shared a house with 3 other students in his department. He started dating one of the girls and they're still together (and married now) 15 years later. ?
  7. Starting next week we have: Mondays - nothing outside the house Tuesdays - swim team practice and swim lessons (5:00-6:45 pm, but not all of the kids swim at the same time.) Wednesdays - we're out of the house from 9am - 1:30 pm for the kids to go to an outdoor education program (nature study, games & farm animals) Thursdays - swim team practice and swim lessons (5-6:45 pm) Fridays - nothing outside the house Saturdays - usually swim practice 10:30-noon Sunday - nothing outside the house We do about 3 swim meets per year, which are both weekend days. Sometimes some of the kids take art classes, but the local place isn't offering anything that doesn't conflict with swim team this fall.
  8. Yes, one could get pregnant from missing a pill a day or two after sex because sperm can live for 5 days (although most don't survive that long). I would guess the 7 days is just a little added margin and maybe a little easier to remember because it is one full week.
  9. Hi and welcome! My kids were similar ages last year and we made it through. ? But yeah, I was tired and I second-guess myself all the time about school stuff. Have you read Susan Wise Bauer's day in the life posts? Here's the one from when her kids are just a little younger than yours: https://welltrainedmind.com/a/a-day-at-our-house-classical-education-plus-baby/ I find it so helpful to read through once in a while because sometimes homeschool success is just holding it together and making sure to do school every day even in the midst of kid chaos.
  10. I like it! I painted the cabinets in our gray basement laundry room that same color because I needed a bit of cheer down there.
  11. If she's dressing to blend in, then she would probably want to wear clothes that fit the situation (e.g. jeans and a t-shirt would stand out at most weddings). The types of clothes you're talking about are things that I own and wear on occasions where I expect people to be dressed a little nicer.
  12. I'm like your DD, and I'd say don't push it. For a lot of people, especially those who tend more towards being introverts, it's nice to spend time with other people but not really be noticed.
  13. I'm in the same boat over here... Venturing out on a limb, maybe it feels like the planning is taking a very long time because it's so rare that you can sit down to work on it without constant interruptions? That's a major factor for me anyhow.
  14. Hamster Princess and/or Dragonbreath both by Ursula Vernon (these are both series). Meg Mackintosh mysteries Iris and Walter by Elissa Hadden Guest I think the Ramona books are just a little step up.
  15. Thank you, thank you! I was procrastinating on doing this for my next school year, and it sounds like I probably want to just go with this guide. ?
  16. I'm not sure this is true. My PG&E bill always comes with a comparison of our gas and electric use compared to "efficient" homes. The "efficient" homes are the lowest 10% of occupied houses of similar square footage. Surprise, surprise, we are not an "efficient" home despite having the LED lightbulbs, HE washer, line-drying clothing etc. We're 8 people who are home almost all day and cook most meals at home, and I doubt many of the comparable houses have so many people. I asked PG&E about why the comparison doesn't account for the number of people in the home, and they said that they don't have that data to compare. I'm not sure that our water utility would have it either, and I'm a little nervous that these water use rules will be based on average household size. Regardless, we're at about 140 gal / day for our household and I could probably conserve a bit more (seeing as we managed to during the 2017 drought).
  17. I wouldn't paint it at all and would just introduce some color via a small rug in front of the sink and dishtowels. I'd definitely leave the soffit white to keep the space from getting too dark.
  18. We always go through pencil erasers before finishing the pencil lead, so we just use pink brick erasers.
  19. We have two IKEA Bjursta tables next to each other (long sides together) to make a big almost-square. Plenty of everyday room for 8 to eat and do schoolwork with 1 set of leaves in, room for 12 with both sets of leaves in.
  20. We just went and did the same topic in Math Mammoth when one of my kids was shaky on a topic in Beast Academy. I think so far we have used MM for fractions and long division. We paused BA at those points. Don't worry about being behind grade level with BA - you can be a year "behind" and still be on track to do pre-algebra in 7th grade and algebra in 8th.
  21. We went through something similar with our cat last year. She was 15 and had never been in great health, but then she got a cold and had green snot and wasn't really eating, so we took her in. The vet said that her liver was enlarged and took a quick look with the ultrasound in case it might be a cyst or something easily treatable, but that wasn't the case. She said that the liver thing was probably cancer and that she didn't recommend trying to treat it in a cat that age, but that it might be worth treating the cold to see if she perked up and had a last few good weeks or months in her. Unfortunately, she went downhill fast the next day, and we ended up bringing her back in for euthanasia. Anyhow, my experience was that the vet was happy to try to help us keep the cat comfortable for a while longer and didn't recommend pursuing surgery or cancer treatment for an animal near the end of her expected lifespan. At the same time, she didn't want to jump straight to euthanasia when it wasn't clear at first whether the liver cancer or the cold was the immediate cause of the cat's discomfort.
  22. No. My kids haven't learned to do flips, and I don't know how to properly spot and teach them.
  23. Here's a post that better fits the title: https://www.seriouseats.com/2015/08/the-food-lab-complete-guide-to-sous-vide-burger.html
  24. Has she used Alcumus? I tried it out for a while, and was thinking to let my daughter use it as her math over the summer and see what topics in Pre-Algebra she masters and which ones we should work through in the AOPS book.
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