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Homeschool Connections Teacher/Class Recommendations?

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We are looking into using Homeschool Connections and would love to have some recommendations of teachers and classes for their high school level courses. We will be using the unlimited recorded classes. We are specifically looking for History, Lit, Theology, Science and Logic course recommendations.


Any info would be helpful!


Thank you!

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I can personally recommend for Kevin O'Brien and Phil Campbell. We had them for middle school literature and history and they are both excellent.

Thank you so much! That is very helpful.


Did you do the recorded or online class? We've never done recorded classes before, only live, and I'm a little anxious about how it will work. My older son has a major surgery coming up and we need something super flexible.

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I did not notice the new teacher. Will have to go look now.


My DS has only taken live classes at Homeschool Connections. He is very social, so he really enjoys the live interaction of the classes.


If it weren't for a time conflict, I would've stayed with Kevin O'Brien for Literature in 9th grade. He is fantastic. I'm still going to try to find a way to squeeze in his Cultural Literacy class in the spring.


We will certainly be back next year for history at Homeschool Connections with Phil Campbell in 10th grade and beyond. I just love him. My son is taking a local Mapping the World by Heart geography class this year instead which worked well for our schedule.

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