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American History options for middle 1800's -present?


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I'm doing US history this year with my 8th grade dd, and we're using Joy Hakim's The Story of US. There are 11 books in this series. You could purchase them starting with the 4th volume that begins in the year 1789 and goes through 1850. The series covers through the election of Barack Obama. Each book covers approximately 50 - 100 years of history and has a list of supplemental reading in the back of the book. We are really enjoying them.  

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Why don't you just use the Beautiful feet program which follows?  




ETA:  Although, I will agree with what others wrote above.   I think the Hakim books are a lot more well-rounded.   

BYL Grade 6 schedules them out for you with mapping, timelines, readers, lit, etc. 


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Truthquest American History for Young People (grades 1-5) may work for you—book 2 starts at 1800 and goes to 1865. Book 3 is from 1865 to 2000. There are all sorts of companion pieces that you can get to accompany and "flesh out" the book suggestions in the Teacher Manuals, i.e., Binder Builders, Notebooking and Maps/Timelines. Here is the table of contents for Book 2:




You often can find used TM guides at www.homeschoolclassifieds.com or even Amazon and Ebay.


Another thought is Winterpromise although their programs can be pricey. To save money get the companion books at the library or through Amazon. All American 2 covers the years leading to the American civil war up through modern times. It's designed for grades 2-8. American Culture is a similar program for grades 5-8. Here's the page for All American 2:




A totally free curriculum is from Guesthollow (a very gracious poster here : ) ) It's broken down into two parts: American History Year I and Year 2. Year 2 starts at 1861 so you may want to start with the end of Year 1. Here's the links for Year 1 and Year 2:






I like BF, but imo it is a bit "light" on its own. I have it but supplement it with book and activity suggestions from Winterpromise, Truthquest, Guesthollow and TOG.

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Wanted to second the Hakim books, as well. They make a good American History spine especially combined with Story of the World (American history parts for your purpose). There are study guides you can get that go with the Hakim books:




These guides are also available for purchase on Amazon and at Rainbow Resource.

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