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Math questions - how to progress?


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I’ve looked a lot at old posts here but many of them are older so I thought I’d ask, even though it’s been asked a lot.


Sam will be doing 6th grade math in our 5th grade year. I’m strongly considering having him do CLE 700/800 in our 6th grade year. Obviously if he struggles, we’ll slow it down, but he’s always been so good at math, I imagine he’ll do fine. Actually if I didn’t think we could do 700/800 in one year, I’d think more about another curriculum.


I read that some people do 700 and then go straight into Algebra 1 but I like the idea of consumer math in 800.  (Speaking of consumer math… when do most kids do that? I didn’t even realize it had an official name. That’s how much I don’t know about math). Then do people still like CLE for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2? I thought I read that at least their Algebra is good (and maybe geometry??) but nothing after that? Or am I remembering wrong. If CLE isn’t well regarded for Algebra, then I would not do 700/800 in our 6th grade year. I’d find another program.


And if this is the case, PLEASE help me think about what might be a good program. I am not a mathy person at all so something like a video would be good. Video Text? WTM recommends it but I feel like I’ve seen mixed reviews on here.  Derek Owens? Is Teaching Textbooks any good? Or something like CLE because we’ve just really enjoyed how the BOOKS teach the kids really well and they don’t need me much. I’m open to any suggestions though. DH is mathy and can certainly help.


I’m really trying to educate myself on what the kids are going to need as we are getting closer to upper level learning. I know we’re not there yet but I feel like we need to be getting on the right path now.

Oh, I’m also wondering - if Sam ends up doing Algebra 1 in 7th or 8th grade, that can’t be counted as high school, can it? Will he have to take it again in high school (surely not…) or will he just take Algebra 2, geometry, and then go higher?

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I can't answer your whole post, but algebra taken in Jr. high doesn't have to be redone.  You can continue the sequence in high school.


My son took consumer math in 7th.  He did MUS's Stewardship as part of our co-op, and it was light enough that he also continued with math at home (pre-algebra with MUS, Hands on Equations, and one other supplement I don't remember)


Here's a link to a math curriculum selector.  It might help you narrow down choices after looking over what you want in a program.

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