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Apps for scanning home library


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A few years ago I downloaded libib (I think it was) and started scanning all my books. But some of the books are old with outdated skus. They scanned in as the wrong titles but because I had already scanned dozens of books at once without checking each one as I went, there was no way to know whichs books were wrong without going one by one through the list. And as far as I could tell, there was no way around that in the app. I don't remember the details, but I was frustrated so I gave up.


Is there anything better now? I shop thrift store books a lot and I buy duplicates of great books because I forget I have them. I would like to have a list on my phone when I am out.

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I've tried quite a few, and by far Libib was the best.

Here's the trick: Books prior to 2005 didn't use ISBNs for their barcodes. They just used some random manufacturer barcode.
When you scan those old books, no matter what tool you use, chances are they'll either be wrong, or not come up.

That's just the way it is unfortunately. I just make sure that I either type in the ISBN (which is sometimes on the inside covers), or manually enter the older books.

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