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Yes, my 15yo uses it and we're getting ready to set up 10yo with a more rigorous schedule.  I don't know much about it because dh got them started on it. Ds15 likes it (is he a bit old for this? I have no idea, lol) because "it keeps me productive and I love checking things off!"  :P


I had considered getting 10yo a special watch that helps kids keep on task and lets you set alarms, etc. for scheduling (I've seen a few kickstarter ones but there are other watches that do this, too.)  but the game-like aspect of Habitica might be just the ticket.

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I'm thinking about using it for my ten year old. I don't think we'll have a multiple user problem, because I don't anticipate the 8 year old being as enthusiastic - she doesn't have the gaming bug. Looks like it might be some work on the front end understanding it and setting it up. I'd probably need dh.



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