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Telling God's Story


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Hi Everyone,


I am looking for a new testament devotional to go through next year with my 10-year-old, 9-year-old, and playing-near-by 4-year old.   (Those will be their ages next year.)  (5th, 4th, and preschool)


I am looking at "Telling God's Story" as an option.   A close, second place option is "Old Story New".    


Can anyone compare these two devotionals?    My second question is, can I *JUST* get the instructor's guide to "Telling God's Story?"   Do I need the student book too?    We are not really a crafty family.   I really am looking for a read and discuss book, not an activity book.   




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I have both. I used TGS Year 1 for a few lessons when it was first published, and I plan to start OSN within the next month or so. My kids are 9, 7 and 5, btw. Here are my thoughts:


In TGS, I like the way Enns introduces Jesus and gets to the heart of the story, but it's light on actual content, and if you're going to start at the beginning of the series, the first volume would probably be too simple for your older kids (it's a leveled program and Year 1 is targeted to first graders). And yes, you could just get the instructor book - the Activity Guide is absolutely not necessary. The instructor guide only includes the Bible passage and Enns' commentary (which could either be read to the child verbatim or paraphrased). No discussion questions, etc. I was also very disappointed that the AG didn't have any "meat" - no discussion questions in there either, no scripture memory or other activities that reinforce the message - mainly just fun games and crafts, etc.. That's in the first level - no idea about later ones.


Old Story New goes a lot deeper - each story/scripture passage contains five days' worth of devotionals that shed light on the topic and even pull in other related scripture passages. It is also designed to be used with a wide range of ages (preschool through teens) so you can adapt it to your needs. I am VERY excited about getting started with it, and I have friends who rave about it, too. We also have the story Bible that goes with it and my kids have really enjoyed that for the past couple of years. It's not necessary, though. Have you looked at the sample on Amazon? It is VERY extensive - it includes most of the author's introduction and a few weeks' worth of lessons.




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OK, you just convinced me to go for Old Story New.....  


That....and the kindle version just happened to be on clearance today for $1.99!!     :hurray:


Good choice!


I have been loving this with my kids this year! The daily lessons are just long enough.  Asks great question(like what do you think questions...)  

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