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Wordly Wise and/or ETC online?


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Does anyone have any opinions on either of these programs online? We currently do ETC and my girls like it. I have 7 year old twins who will be in 2nd grade next year. I'm struggling with finding ways to productively keep one busy while working with the other for things like math and when they are at different points in a subjects. Since they are twins, I try to teach together as much as possible but can't do it all the time. Right now we do Reading Eggs and they love it, but since they completed the maps it's starting to feel like busy work and play time, but I need to keep one busy to have one-on-one time with the other. So I'm thinking about either WW and/or ETC for next year. I've seen a lot of reviews about the curriculum but little reviews about the online program. Would love to get some input.


ETA: I know these are different subjects. I plan on continuing with ETC and would like to add vocabulary as well for next year.




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The 6th grader started with WordlyWise books, then we moved to on-line a couple of years ago. Much to like about the online program.   pronunciation, and auto graded quizzes and tests.  the subscription is for a year, not grade.  So it is possible to get 2 grade levels per year.  Keep a look-out over at Homeschool Buyer Coop. WW is regularly on a 1/2 price sale.

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