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Regional accreditation

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So there is a bill in our state house to give automatic public university freshman admission to any student who graduates in the top 10% of their class in an accredited public or private high school.  This raised some alarm in the homeschool community, because by not being accredited, homeschooled students would be at a disadvantage for freshman admissions if this passes. Anyway, in the process of exploring this, I found out that only a handful of the school districts in the state even bother with regional accreditation. Our regional body is AdvancED, and only a very small portion of the public high schools in the state are listed there.  


The district we live in does not have the high schools regionally accredited, and the district superintendent even stated online that high schools in this state are not accredited.  In fact some are, but relatively few.  Does this happen in other states ?  How does it impact students wanting to attend universities out of state ?  Also what is interesting - we will use American School in Lansing IL.  They will award transfer credit for classes taken on a high school campus, but only for non-elective classes at an accredited school.  None of our high schools are accredited, so I guess it's not an option for us.  American School is apparently stricter on transfer credits than our local high school. 

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UC (California) has the Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) program. A friend's son got in that way, they gave him a spot at a UC even though he didn't get into his UC choices.


"What is ELC?


The ELC program ensures that academically talented and deserving California resident students from all over the state have the opportunity to join us at UC.


ELC status adds value to the application and is one of the 14 factors considered when applications are reviewed. Additionally, ELC students not admitted to any of their campus choices are offered a spot at a UC campus that has space, if minimum UC requirements are met.


How do I qualify?


If you are a California resident and rank in the top 9 percent of students in your California high school class — and your high school participates in our ELC program — you may be eligible for ELC designation."


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