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Researching on the computer

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So far my kids have not done any actual official research on the computer. Today in Writing and Rhetoric it suggested that they research a type of spider and write some facts. Of course we could go (and have gone) to the library and get books but I am just wondering about online research. I feel like if they went to public school and had library time that they would be learning how to utilize the internet for research. Or isn't there like some sort of electronic encyclopedia or something?

I mean, as an adult, I pretty much know where I can find accurate facts just on the internet, but again I'm just wondering if there is some other resource that kids these days are learning to get information from.

Hopefully that makes sense...!

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I avoid wikipedia so I might put in "spiders for kids" in Google and that will pull up several websites with information at kids' level. The problem I have encountered is that there is not just one website that has *everything.*  There are definitely some that are more robust than others.

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