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Bio subject test tutoring

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I don't have a tutoring recommendation, but is your son a science lover?  My daughter took AP Bio in 10th grade.  During college apps, we found out that a couple of colleges wanted two SAT Subject tests and dd only had one.  She did a quick review using Barron's in December, two years after AP Bio, and scored a 790.  My daughter is going to do her undergrad in Biology, and loves the subject, so that made a huge difference.  If your son is the same, Barron's is probably all he needs.  


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hmm, he's not really into Bio. I mean did fine in Honors Bio in 9th but loves Anatomy this year and its a killer class. But he's more into engineering. He tried the SAT Chem after taking a dual enrollment semester in 10th grade but didnt' get a very competitive score. He only did Barron's and said the material was very different than his actual Chem class. So that's why a bit more concerned since he school wants 2 subject tests.



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Was the Barron's material similar to what was on the chem SAT subject test?  Or was the class material more similar?  DD is taking AP Chem this year, so we haven't used the Barron's Chem SAT prep book.  All of the prep books are written by different authors, so maybe the Bio is good and the chem is not so good.   

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