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  1. She took APUSH from PA Homeschoolers. We did a mixture of AP Euro at home and with tutoring from Meredith Noah in the month before the exam. I think AP Euro is really doable at home as long as you know how to write the essays, especially the synthesis essay. You have to understand what is being looked for in the essays - that is really important.
  2. Hi, My daughter also took it as a sophomore, but agree with what Lisa said about doing it as a Freshman. My daughter didn't do any other biology in high school after AP Bio. She did AP Chemistry and APES. However, she IS doing a lot of biology now since she's a sophomore pre-vet student. 🙂
  3. My daughter only ended up taking two exams of the four AP courses she took her senior year. The ones she didn't take, AP Chemistry and AP Calculus, were courses that she knew she would want to take again at the university level since she is a science major. So, it largely depends on whether the courses are required for their intended major. Of course, you don't have to take the credit for them, so if your child loves taking the AP exams - go for it! 😁
  4. The Richard Ladd book has sample questions by section and was very helpful!
  5. If you are going to move to Europe for part of the school year, do AP Euro! What a wonderful opportunity! If you are worried about which order to take them, my daughter did AP Euro first, then APUSH and got 5s in both, so obviously didn't make any difference.
  6. You could try using Campbell's Biology along with Mastering Biology. Then download the AP Biology Lab manual from AP Central and do all of the labs. Another excellent resource is Bozeman Science podcasts. My daughter took the course four years ago from Terri Kanner at PA Homeschoolers and got a 5 on the exam.
  7. I think for most of the schools we were applying to, the UCs, it did. In a pre-applications meeting with two UC admissions reps, their standard thought for homeschoolers was to go to community college and then transfer. It wasn't until they heard that she had taken AP courses and exams, scoring 5s, that they changed their advice. The exact quote from one of them was "You are not like the usual homeschoolers..." I think a LOT depends upon where you are applying. That's why i said, it was the nature of the game for US. It doesn't apply to everyone, but I should think it doesn't hurt.
  8. Although I would add that I don't think effort and attitude should have any part of an official grade. Institutional high schools don't do it, and neither will university professors. (Yes, I know there is always the exception, but, by and large, it won't and shouldn't happen.)
  9. My daughter took both AP Lang and AP Lit from a highly regarded online teacher. She was a good writer going into AP Lang and the teacher did, in fact, help her take her essay writing further. AP Lit, my daughter would tell you, negatively affected her writing. Two years of that type of writing was overload. I think the problem is similar to what we didn't like about IEW. We tried IEW when she was around 4th grade because of all the wonderful things we heard, only to drop it quickly after a couple of lessons. IEW's strength, to me, is really about giving resistant or non-natural writers a form
  10. My daughter took APES two years ago with Molly Olsson. The class was enjoyable, my daughter felt well prepared, and the exam was an easy 5. Molly Olsson seems to be a genuinely nice person, and her class is very organized. And, wow, is she ever on top of grading! Sometimes things were graded and back to my daughter the same day. There isn't really any interaction between the students, but that was okay with us. I think it'd be hard to find a better APES class. :)
  11. Only one person signed up for the class, that I know of. The funny thing is that I came up here today to check with her on how it was going!
  12. I'm not sure about WTMA, but I know Terry Kanner (from PAH) is teaching biology at AIM Academy - Debra Bell. If you are looking for a non-live class, this may be a good option for you.
  13. We found Meredith through Tom Richey - he recommended her for AP Euro tutoring. (Really like Tom Richey.) Dd was taking AP Euro through PAH, but we stopped the second semester due to the reasons described in this thread: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/646598-pah-ap-european-history/ Dd got a 5 on the AP Exam. And, yes, we were one of the UC-success stories - accepted at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. Taking AP Euro in 11th grade would be great. Dd took AP Euro in 11th, then APUSH in 12th, and that order worked well for her.
  14. In another thread, several people expressed interest in an AP Euro course through the tutor we used, Meredith Noah. She now has a website, and is ready to go for this 2017-2018 school year. Her website is: http://www.noahnation.org/ I can highly recommend Meredith! Also, another AP teacher has joined her at NoahNation and will be offering AP World. She is offering an early bird special, so her pricing for the AP class is quite good!
  15. Meredith Noah is going to be teaching a homeschool AP European history course this fall. She is finishing up her website and it should be ready by the end of the month. I will post a link when it's ready for anyone who is interested.
  16. I did send Meredith a quick email, and she is very open to the idea of doing an online class. I will talk to her more after the weekend.
  17. My daughter reviewed with the Princeton Review study guide and thought it was good. We also bought the Crash Course study guide and didn't find it very worthwhile. I don't think any of the study guides would be able to prepare your son for the essay, at least not like a teacher who knows what she/he is doing. He really needs to have someone grading and giving feedback who is experienced with those essays. Maya Inspektor is wonderful. DD had her for AP Lang and AP Lit and loved those classes. I agree with your assessment of her 100%. Is he not doing APUSH because he already has his
  18. I think they probably don't fully realize. The class was very small, I think starting at something like 15 with a couple dropping. Most of the other students had taken APUSH already, so were well prepared by Mrs. Richmond to write the type of essay required for AP history exams. For a student who didn't have that background, it was very difficult. (20 minutes with Meredith Noah, and dd totally got it.) Another bummer is that dd put the code for PAH on her exam, so Mrs. Donohue got credit for dd getting an 5. Additionally, it really is a course that could be passed by reading the textbook a
  19. My daughter took AP Euro from Hannah Donohue two years ago. You can PM me if you'd like, but I will say here that we had to switch to someone else for the second semester. I will start by saying that, on the positive side, Mrs. Donohue was pleasant, and she had some interesting assignments the first semester. That's pretty much where it ends. She took MONTHS (seriously, multiple months) to grade many of the assignments (her grading became slower over the course of the first semester to reach the point that she was months behind.) Even then, she rarely gave any constructive feedback - usuall
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