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I have a 6th grader and we have gone through MCT island and town. We also supplemented this program with FLL, CLE LA and WWE/WWS, not all at the same time, but depending on grade what she did. Has anyone ever used MCT as a complete grammar, writing, language arts program from 7th grade up and been satisfied with it? Or should we continue supplementing it with something else? Thanks!

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I have not.  But here are some weaknesses of the program.


MCT is weak in teaching writing mechanics--punctuation, capitalization, that sort of thing.  I found that supplementing with Hake worked well.  


The writing instruction in the upper grades is...spare.  You will probably need to supplement with your own teaching or another program (I am not a fan of writing programs myself).  


You would have to add literature to the mix.  I know that MCT supposedly has a literature strand, but I would want more than that.


As far as I could tell, MCT doesn't teach diagramming.  The four level analysis is similar to diagramming but it leaves out determining what modifies what.  Also, the sentences are never really very complicated, and as a writer, I find that I use my grammar knowledge most on long, complex sentences.

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