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  1. Thank you EKS! Those were some of my concerns with just doing MCT! Looks like we may go with option B, Analytical grammar with WWS and Creative Writer.
  2. I have a 6th grader and we have gone through MCT island and town. We also supplemented this program with FLL, CLE LA and WWE/WWS, not all at the same time, but depending on grade what she did. Has anyone ever used MCT as a complete grammar, writing, language arts program from 7th grade up and been satisfied with it? Or should we continue supplementing it with something else? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I am going to Saxon math 7/6 for my upcoming 6th grader and I was wondering which edition is the best one to get? Or if there is a huge difference between them? Thanks!!
  4. Since Singapore is limiting and taking out some of their pre algebra in the upper elementary books, I was wondering how CLE math compared to Singapore in this aspect. Does CLE math give a good foundation to pre algebra in 5th and 6th grade like Singapore does?? We have used Singapore through 4th grade with our oldest and have 3 more coming up. I don't want to buy all the workbooks and store them so I was thinking of switching to CLE math. Has anyone gone from CLE math in 6th grade to AOPS pre algreba/algebra?
  5. Is there a HIG for grade 6? I can only find it up to grade 5...
  6. I'm trying to decide between these two programs for my dd that will be in 5th grade next year. She has gone through WWE 1-3 and is working on 4 this year. They both look like great programs and if you've used both and have a preference, I would love to hear it!!
  7. I'm looking for a complete science program for my 4th grader. We've done Elemental Science up until now and we just need something different. She will be doing physics this year and I've looked into Nancy Larson and Noeo Science. Are there any other programs that I'm missing that have everything needed (teachers guide, books, experiments etc.) Thanks!!
  8. My kids love the Leap Frog math videos!! They really enjoy Numbers Ahoy!
  9. Thanks so much!! My husband has been on me to start making our own yogurt again, but it just seemed soooo time consuming. With the crockpot, it seems a lot simpler, if I remember to check it :)
  10. This is what happened to my 3 year old. Potty-trained for over a year and all of the sudden was having accidents up to 20 times a day. Not wetting her pants all the way but just tinkling in them. We started at the chiropractor and within a few months she stopped having little accidents and now has been accident free for over 2 months!! She had a pinched nerve in her lower back that made it so she couldn't feel that she had to go.
  11. My 5 year old ds wears a hazelwood necklace 24/7 and has for almost a year now. It is shorter, I think just a 12 inch. His is a reglular clasp and we've had no problems and he is wild!! But, I've hear of the magnetic clasp too and that might be a good choice for you, but I would fear losing it easier and if he is really attached to it, is he going to be devestated? I do have to say that my 2 girls also wear amber necklaces 24/7 and they are 2 and 3 and they have worn them for over a year (they are knotted between each bead, so if they do break they won't choke on the beads). Our kids are so used to them that they feel naked when we take them off for swimming :)
  12. I have been using Harcourt Health and Fitness this year for 2nd grade and it is the same activity book! Thank you for this link :)
  13. We are finishing up book 8 right now :)
  14. I'm thinking about doing SOTW 3 next year for 3rd along with Beautiful Feet Early American History Pack. Has anyone done this? Would it be too much?
  15. Our dd got her palate expander 3 months before she turned 7.
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