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Trying AOPS

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I'm considering giving AOPS a try for my younger daughter, who is currently in 8th grade. She is a little way into Jacob's Algebra I and is doing well. I'm not sure if the AOPS series would be a good fit for her or not. FWIW, she likes Jacob's. She has told me often that she "likes" puzzles. Because of this she always does Set IV in her Jacob's book. We tried Jousting Armadilloes early in her 8th grade year, but it was not a good fit. We then switched to Jacob's. I'm considering purchasing one book and trying it just to be sure that we don't leave this series out, if, in fact, she does well with it. IOW, I don't want to miss it or rule it out without at least trying it, if that makes sense. :) OR...we could just stay put...I also have Jacob's 2nd ed. Geometry ready for her and a Dolciani text for Algebra 2...all three of which I think would work well for her. After Algebra 2 we will most likely move to dual-enrollment classes or online classes.


What book/level of AOPS would you recommend to try this?



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Also, one more question...


Is the order that that the books are listed in on the website the order in which they should be completed?




Intro. to Algebra

Intro. to Counting and Probability

Intro. to Geometry

Intro. to Number Theory...


etc. ?

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The order doesn't matter too much.


To do geometry, you need the algebra skills. A few problems use quadratics (about half-way through the book); everything else is covered earlier in the algebra book.


Both Number Theory and Counting and Probability use some algebra skills, but your daughter probably has the basic skills already if she's doing algebra 1.


NT and C&P can be done before, after or alongside the Algebra book. My son did all four books concurrently - he simply did one chapter in one book and then started a new chapter in a new book often while still finishing the review problems from the first book.

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