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Question on Calculus Plan

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My daughter is currently in 8th grade and working through Saxon Advanced Mathematics (and doing fairly well too).  Next year she would technically move into Saxon Calculus but I am not sure I want to have  her do Calc 1 and take the AP or CLEP test freshman year.  So my thoughts are to slow down a bit on the Advanced for this year and finish it up in the fall and then start Saxon Calculus which I plan on supplementing with Larson.  I would call this class pre-Calculus on her transcript.  Then the following year I would complete the program and then have her do the test.  At that point she could probably do the BC test but I am not sure.


I am also thinking about actually submitting a syllabus to the College Board so I could list it as an actual AP class.


Has anyone else done something like this?  Or any suggestions on how to go?  I just do not want her moving into either Calculus II or III at a CC before junior year of high school.  



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