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Jensen's Punctuation! Help!

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Have any of you used Jensen's Punctuation book?

My dd hates it, as she read the rules and tries to implement it in the exercise but get many errors and frustrated.


Can you give me your opinion as how to use ,schedule and understand all the rules in a semester?


Thanks in advance.

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What sorts of errors is she making?  What is her grammar background?  My son used Jensen's Punctuation, but it was after using the MCT grammar books for a few years so he was solid on things like identifying clauses.

She has used 2 years of MCT grammer but I don't know why she is making errors. Could you guide me how to do this book?

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I don't stress too much when my children make mistakes if they can learn from the mistakes.My children use Jensen's Punctuation when they reach high school. They do Easy Grammar with me until 8th grade and then they are on their own. I can't say they love it but my oldest said it helped her do well on the ACT exam. My second high schooler will be taking the ACT this April so we will see how much it helps her.

My children make 3x5 cards of the rules. They use the cards to do the exercises until they memorize the new rule.

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