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America: A Narrative History by Tindall - any study guides, questions, assessments to go along?

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We used this when my daughter was prepping for the AP.


It's a wonderful textbook. We both really liked it. I had also gotten a different (larger) text, and we both preferred the Tindall book.


My daughter did the following to prep for APUSH:


--Read and outlined

--Made sure to define terms and make notes on people and terms at the end of the chapter

--Kept a running timeline of key events and key people with "soundbites"--short phrases or sentences to sum up the person/event that would be easy to memorize.

--Wrote tons of essays.

--Read/responded to primary source documents roughly 2-3 times per month. 

--Worked through some practice tests and the AP prep materials.

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We ordered volume 2 of the brief tenth edition this year. There's a student site that has office hour videos by David Shi and an iMap function. The book itself came with a code that gives the student access to the Inquizitive site for review questions on each chapter. I had thought instructor resources were free once you got permission through Norton for access (they wanted to know if I had teaching certification and if I was using it in a co-op), but after receiving access permission, their staff through email is telling me there's a cost for each one. I suppose it's because I didn't adopt the text for an entire classroom.


Erica in OR

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