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  1. I used SOTW with the Companion when they were younger (late elementary/early middle school). Just the Companion when they were older (sometimes added Mystery of History). I never used the literature suggestions - separate English curriculum. We are finishing our 4th year of Biblioplan. Next year, for 10th grade we are doing Read with the Best & Write with the Best with American History - adding The History of US by Joy Hakum. We could actually use it again, but we've done it for 4 years and need a change. I think it is excellent and would recommend it to anyone. Oh, and we also used the Maps and Cool History Questions!! The last 2 years we added the Europe study and Africa study from BP too :) SaveSave
  2. We've used all 4 years of Biblioplan. I bought Mystery of History to go along with BP, but as the year rolled along, we just used BP. I did use SOTW with BP when my kids were a little younger.
  3. Saxon Algebra 1, Saxon Algebra 2, and the first 60 lessons of Saxon Advanced Math = 1 credit Algebra 1 1 credit Algebra 2 1 credit Geometry with Advanced Algebra My daughter started and completed Saxon Algebra 1 in 8th grade. We reviewed the last half of Algebra 1 (lessons 60+) the first part of 9th grade because I felt that she didn't grasp it well enough. We are in Algebra 2 right now. We are taking 2 days for each lesson. We go over the lesson the first day and she does the even problems. We go over the lesson again the next day and she does the odd problems. So, yes, we are doing Algebra 1 & 2 in 3 years.
  4. Yes, it does seem like there is an "honors" team and I would like her to be on that team :) I saw some practice tests for Cogat, but they only went up to 6th grade.
  5. Thank you! I have no idea what test she's taking. That is a good idea about the bubbles! That is good to know about the gifted testing. There is a "Gifted Honors" English class in 8th grade that I'd like her to take, otherwise we wouldn't bother with the testing. I don't believe any of the other classes are limited to gifted students.
  6. My daughter is going back to public school for 8th grade in the fall and will be tested for the gifted program in a few weeks. Should I get some practice tests so that she knows what to expect? She will take a math section, reading section, and cognitive section. Any advice to what practice test I should get? Any other words of wisdom?
  7. Yes, one time per week is not ideal; hence, the added 45 minute conversation class at a different time. I wonder if she will add that again next year. I suspect she will. It is definitely rigorous enough for a high school credit. I had talked with her before enrolling my daughter in the class. I told her that I was searching for an online French 1 course that was an equivalent to a public high school French class. We had gotten so bogged down with Latin that it was taking time from other classes, and I told her that I did not want that to happen with French. What is great about Madame Barstow is that she teaches/taught high school French classes locally in her area so she is well aware of what is expected for a credit. I am pretty strict with credits, and I have no qualms about giving a high school credit for this course. Hope this helps. SaveSave SaveSave
  8. Not long. 30 minutes at most. Some assignments are longer than others. It's usually just a few exercises in the book and/or workbook. There are also a few fun projects throughout the year.
  9. My daughter is taking French 1 from AIM/Debra Bell academy this year. It meets one day per week, and she has 4-5 homework assignments due the following week. The teacher just recently added a 45 minute conversational class (not graded) for speaking practice. I enjoy Madame Barstow. She's very laid-back and the class has been a refreshing change from the outrageous workload of Latin. We will take French 2 in the fall.
  10. Algebra 2 - Saxon Chemistry - Conceptual Chemistry History - US History - not sure what curriculum English - Read With the Best? French 2 - AIM Academy Fine Arts - ? Elective - Coding
  11. I'm considering using this for 10th grade history. Are there any study guides or assessments that go with it? Any guides in any form whatsoever???
  12. I found a few college courses, but does anyone know of any high school classes that focus primarily on Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte?
  13. She is finishing up Analytical Grammar this year (8th). After that, I think we are done. Maybe an occasional review...
  14. Thank you for clarifying. We already did Intensive so we would do Continuation. Thank you. I like this idea for 9th grade. That would satisfy the English 1 credit, correct?
  15. Thank you so much for your input. Windows is only a 1/2 credit though, right? So, maybe put Elegant Essay with it? Thanks so much! Sounds like a plan!
  16. My daughter is finishing up 8th grade. We completed WWS 1 in 6-7th grade, IEW Student Intensive B first semester 8th grade, and now we are on the 8th week of WWS 2. I've been on the IEW site, trying to figure where I would place her for 9th grade, but I'm not sure. I really like the idea of Windows to the World, but it looks like she should have Student Intensive C or Elegant Essay before that.... Thank you for any input.
  17. We signed up for Roy Speed's Romeo & Juliet class for fall. He says that you can give a 1/2 credit for his class. The class runs from Sept-November. Yes, please! FYI - I emailed him last month and he was very helpful. He said the class fills up quickly so I wouldn't wait until summer to enroll if you are hoping for this class.
  18. I've looked into Potter's School, but it looked pretty intense. I don't want her spending anymore than an hour per day on language. Thanks, I will look into Aim Academy. Can you tell me how long your dd spend on French each day?
  19. I'm in search for an online French 1 class that is what I would call middle-of-the-road for my 9th grader. I don't want a super intense class that takes up all of our time, but on the other hand, I don't want a cake-class either. I'd be happy with an online class that is comparable to a public school French 1 high school class. Thank you for any suggestions! p.s. My youngest daughter (6th grade) takes French 2 with Mr. G of Currclick. He is fantastic and she loves the class, but I wouldn't consider it hard enough for my 9th grader without supplements (am I right?)
  20. We tried virtual homeschool the other day and I really disliked the presentation. We only listened to one lesson, but she went too fast and didn't explain concepts well enough for my liking. What are some other options?
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