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Math Programs Similar to Prodigy


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My 5 year old just started using Prodigy Math on my computer and she really enjoys it. However, I feel like it doesn't do the best job of addressing incorrect answers as I would like. Are there any similar computer games? I signed up for Xtra Math, but haven't had her use it. I'd prefer something free and she loves the format of Prodigy. We do have Achimedes Roost on the iPad and the free version of MathSeeds. But now that she is using my computer, I am open to more computer based games as well.

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When my kids were just delving into math, I really liked the paid version of MathSeeds--and so did they.  It did a nice job of introducing/teaching a new concept and providing varied practice for the new concept mixed in with a bit of review. 


Prodigy is great, but IMHO it works better as a review tool than as a teaching tool; if my kids hit a new concept I need to be right there to walk through several problems with them, and generally I'm trying to use their tech time as my time to get something done.  If she wants to continue on Prodigy, maybe you could assign topics you know she thoroughly understands (so errors will just be "oops" and not "I-have-no-idea-what-they're-asking") and just use it for review.  Otherwise, I'd wait until MathSeeds is running a sale and jump on their paid computer program.

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