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  1. I have been homeschooling all along. Outside of homeschool coops none of them have ever been in a classroom. This is year 20 for me.
  2. If you don't need videos, I would suggest MEP starting in year 7. There are interactive lessons which will grade each problem for her. It lists how they do at the bottom so long as the child doesn't exit out of the screen before you have a chance to look. The problems are interesting but fairly straight forward. Each chapter is separate so you could skip around to mesh with the other class. It's also free. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Programme (cimt.org.uk) (Scroll down to years 7/8/9 and scroll a bit more for the interactive pages.) My son does the interactive pages and I print the diagnostic tests as a cumulative review at the appropriate times. You can also print chapter revision tests if you want a paper trail.
  3. Not exactly rigorous, but a fun introduction to Latin and Greek roots, is the video set Word-Up Vocab Show by Compass Classroom. My kids enjoyed them enough to ask to watch them.
  4. I see icivics.org mentioned a lot. Worth a look as it is free.
  5. I have 6. I decided to make sure I had a longer break after being pregnant or nursing for 8 years straight. I was tired (my last was born when I was 38). I was done but still got pregnant when my youngest was 4. That ended in a miscarriage at the hospital. I have had a couple of very early suspected miscarriages since then. But really we had two older girls, two middle girls, and two younger boys. We were perfectly paired and fit in our house in a cozy way without being crowded. It just seemed like a good time to stop.
  6. Groups.io is the new yahoo groups. When yahoo quit supporting groups (and then shut them down) many email groups moved to groups.io You can browse the group names on their web site without signing up.
  7. Base Ten Blocks | Manipulatives | Coolmath4Kids
  8. I'd look at schoolyourself.org it's free, interactive lessons and might fit your need just as well as CTC.
  9. I like the Blue Collar homeschool group on Facebook. Great for kids who aren't college bound. They also do a good job of shutting down cat fights. I hope people chime in, it's hard to find online forums that aren't over run by spam or are almost dead.
  10. My eldest daughter says there are couples who sleep together but it's not explicit (they go into the bedroom and leave in the morning). Genocide is talked about but there are no torture scenes or detailed gore. One guy kills another but it isn't described in detail. She does not suggest under 16 read it but she is rather conservative in her suggestions. 🙂
  11. If she wants some porch reading that leads to a better understanding of Algebra, I would suggest Realm of Algebra by Isaac Asimov or Algebra Unplugged by Amdhal. Jacob's Mathematics a Human Endeavor might also be a good choice besides his Algebra book mentioned before. If a large textbook is too daunting the No Nonsense Algebra I mentioned before is workbook sized. The videos aren't necessary but a nice addition if she needs them.
  12. Spark Notes 101 Literature covers 150 books with plot summaries and discussion of main themes and symbols. I used it with my high level reader. She used it to get more information on classics she had read as well as to find new ones she wanted to read. It's a single volume and could at least get you started. It's also good for non-readers to get some basic information on books that are alluded to in other books/movies.
  13. Is she opposed to online things? SchoolYourself.org would probably be a good choice. It has interactive videos with instant feedback on answers. Completely free as well. No-Nonsense Algebra might also be a good choice. It has free videos online she could access and it has the answers in the back with no need for a teacher's edition.
  14. I was taught how to skim a textbook for important information and to speed read in fifth grade. (It's the only thing I remember from that year.) Probably the single best thing I learned in elementary school besides how to read.
  15. I would try to streamline as much as possible for the next year. Choose a single topic of history and have the Sixth grader read aloud a section in a history book to the other two then keep a journal of something learned each day (third grader can do this too and the first draw a picture if they don't write easily). They can all watch a video together. Veritas Press has self paced history curriculum that the oldest could do and the youngers just watch. Do something similar for science. They can learn together for the extrovert bit. They can read independently and keep a book log. Let that be enough for this year. Any art/music/PE/etc can be purely interest driven. Then, you have to cover language arts and math. Writing could just be a daily journal for the younger two. Depending on the oldest's skill level, require a weekly/monthly paragraph/essay on a topic of their choosing. Take this through the editing process. Have them type the final version and read it to the family. Again, it could be enough for this year. Plenty of time in middle school to do formal grammar, etc. I am assuming your children can read and write on their own, if they can't, no independent learning curriculum is going to happen. Just keep going with your math program. If you are already used to it that would be easier on you than trying to learn a new thing. Ace Paces and Christian Light Education are intended to be more independent though if you need something new. CLE is probably the better of the two. All of them can do Xtramath.org for math facts review on their own.
  16. There is a book titled Behind Jane Austen's Door. It discusses the various rooms that you would find mentioned in the book and what they were used for. I have it on Kindle but there might be a print version.
  17. I'd love to see your list of favorite older authors. Thanks for chiming in, I always appreciate your point of view.
  18. I will follow the FB page, thanks. I would appreciate the recordings in any format, but I know it is a hassle to record, so thank Mr Ellie for me if you do. 🙂
  19. Any chance you recorded your convention? In our area you have to drive 4+ hours to get to the nearest convention that is mostly ideology. I have a free homeschool library and I would love to be able to provide useful listening for newbies. I have a lot of people asking for Masterbooks, Good and Beautiful, plus some titles that the local co-ops use. Mostly, moms come in and want "x grade". They want a pile of books that they can hand their child(ren) and check that box off. Doesn't have to be from the same publisher, just open and go. Some like the idea of online, but so many are burned by covid schooling that they are more interested in physical materials.
  20. I second the Prealgebra with Pizzazz books (can be found for free) and Murderous Maths. There is a book called Math Start Junior that has a hokey story line, but it's a lot better than Fred in my opinion.
  21. In our area, there are some families who are doing "CC" without the official program. They have chosen materials (some overlap with the original model and some don't) and share in the teaching. The cost is significantly less since there is no paying the piper. The parents who teach still don't make a lot of money but it looks more like a traditional co-op to me from the outside. We have both traditional co-op type groups and enrichment (drop-off) groups in our area. So you can choose to spend your personal time (teaching or assisting) or cash, but you can still have community.
  22. MEP math has free online versions of their middle school materials. You type in the answer and it gives immediate feedback plus a solution if you want it.
  23. If you don't care for Beast Academy but like their puzzles, they have separate puzzle books for levels 2 and 3 (and eventually the others). You could add those to your arsenal for variety.
  24. I am rather done needing to check on the (one month away from) 17 year old's progress every single day. She could have graduated early (even if just by a semester) but she seems content to do the very minimum each day, if that, which is why I have to double check. With my older two I didn't have to confirm they did their work even if they weren't super motivated their last year. It probably wouldn't bother me as much except that I know she goes to work each afternoon (only a couple of hours) and does over and above for her boss. I guess I am jealous.
  25. Ask your kids. If they want them, they can store them. Otherwise let them go if you have other copies of the same print.
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