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  1. If this is for a child that just wants to play with Geometry I would buy the DragonBox app. The geometry one is called Elements.
  2. Have you looked at Mathematical Reasoning (Critical Thinking Plus)? It is very consumable but the problems are often more puzzle like, so similar to MEP in that respect.
  3. Dad is officially working at home full time now. He stays in his office and can't interact with us when he is on the phone, so in essence nothing will change. We will have the extra interruption of him coming out at various times for breaks and lunches. But I think I can handle that. It is nice to have the extra time from not having to commute to work and the less laundry since he isn't wearing business casual half the day and jeans/t-shirt the other half. I guess I could now actually use the threat, "wait until your father goes on break".
  4. If she is an avid reader, encourage her to read The Phantom Tollbooth and Number Devil, as they might help inspire an interest in math concepts. Also the book series by Danica McKeller, starting with Math Doesn't Suck, is a good overview of math concepts. For a one year cover of elementary arithmetic that isn't a huge textbook, I would suggest Mastering Essential Math Skills book 1. It's one worksheet a day and since mom can fill in the missing pieces of instruction it could get the job done without being overwhelming.
  5. We enjoyed The Number Devil more than Penrose, but I would say Penrose teaches more (it has puzzles to try). At once a week you could get through both in a single year.
  6. Rarely does the test show anything I don't already know. We have to take tests odd years starting in third grade. I only give them the CAT test, so we don't test for history or science topics. The last test taken was for my son who didn't really start reading on his own until this past year (he's 12). His spelling was really low, which is not surprising (actually none of my kids tend to test well in spelling). But his reading levels were at age level or a bit higher. That surprised me, I thought they would be lower since he was such a late reader. So I won't be changing what we are doin
  7. My oldest two got theirs when they started driving at about 16/17. We have a "house phone" that my 14 year old uses often as an Mp3 player. But none of my youngest have one that is specifically theirs. Although three of them have kindles and two have laptops, so they are able to communicate with friends via apps, just not own their own cell phones.
  8. One of the professors at our local university uses homeschool kids as guinea pigs in her P.E. classes (where she teaches college students how to teach). Due to the virus her students created short videos to teach instead. If you are interested you can watch the videos for free and then help them get some feedback by filling out a little survey for each one. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1by9xdq7WHloVWNXUCYExGYpdhygGXpT2AbT8M0I3b80/edit There are different videos for different age ranges.
  9. There is a copy of the pre-algebra for sale on HomeschoolClassifieds.com for reasonable. Not an ideal way to get to see it but at least a cheaper way. Have you looked at Critical Thinking Press? Their books are colorful with some review.
  10. I run a homeschool library and we get the most stuff in May and June. People are cleaning out and giving all year long but our biggest dump times are then.
  11. DragonBox Big Numbers would be a good review of addition and subtraction with larger numbers. If they need shoring up with basic facts then do the DragonBox Numbers app. They are fun. www.dadsworksheets.com/ has some games as well as worksheets. All free. There are a ton out there. Google free math games and you'll find a lot.
  12. I'd be hesitant to suggest the Plain and Not so Plain workbooks. I downloaded fourth grade (maybe, its been a while) and there was a whole page of division problems that were backwards. 7 / 14 type stuff. It was to practice the basic division facts so the answer was supposed to be 2 not 0.5. I deleted the file and didn't look at any of the other grades. Maybe she has fixed it, but there are better, more professionally type set options out there, even for free.
  13. Dh will start working from home tomorrow. He brought home his stuff on Friday. He created a desk in our walk in closet as we don't have an office and neither of us have a desk. I offered to make room in our bedroom but he declined. I did insist on him buying an air filter/fan though as I didn't want *my* clothes smelling like him in the very enclosed space. Our youngest is 9 so they are all able to stay quiet for the most part. He will be on the phone full time but his breaks and lunch will definitely throw our usual routine off.
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