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  1. I'd love to see your list of favorite older authors. Thanks for chiming in, I always appreciate your point of view.
  2. I will follow the FB page, thanks. I would appreciate the recordings in any format, but I know it is a hassle to record, so thank Mr Ellie for me if you do. 🙂
  3. Any chance you recorded your convention? In our area you have to drive 4+ hours to get to the nearest convention that is mostly ideology. I have a free homeschool library and I would love to be able to provide useful listening for newbies. I have a lot of people asking for Masterbooks, Good and Beautiful, plus some titles that the local co-ops use. Mostly, moms come in and want "x grade". They want a pile of books that they can hand their child(ren) and check that box off. Doesn't have to be from the same publisher, just open and go. Some like the idea of online, but so many are bu
  4. I second the Prealgebra with Pizzazz books (can be found for free) and Murderous Maths. There is a book called Math Start Junior that has a hokey story line, but it's a lot better than Fred in my opinion.
  5. In our area, there are some families who are doing "CC" without the official program. They have chosen materials (some overlap with the original model and some don't) and share in the teaching. The cost is significantly less since there is no paying the piper. The parents who teach still don't make a lot of money but it looks more like a traditional co-op to me from the outside. We have both traditional co-op type groups and enrichment (drop-off) groups in our area. So you can choose to spend your personal time (teaching or assisting) or cash, but you can still have community.
  6. MEP math has free online versions of their middle school materials. You type in the answer and it gives immediate feedback plus a solution if you want it.
  7. If you don't care for Beast Academy but like their puzzles, they have separate puzzle books for levels 2 and 3 (and eventually the others). You could add those to your arsenal for variety.
  8. I am rather done needing to check on the (one month away from) 17 year old's progress every single day. She could have graduated early (even if just by a semester) but she seems content to do the very minimum each day, if that, which is why I have to double check. With my older two I didn't have to confirm they did their work even if they weren't super motivated their last year. It probably wouldn't bother me as much except that I know she goes to work each afternoon (only a couple of hours) and does over and above for her boss. I guess I am jealous.
  9. Ask your kids. If they want them, they can store them. Otherwise let them go if you have other copies of the same print.
  10. I can't handle lots of things in the common areas. So my kids have all their stuff in their rooms. Each have shelves to hold books and toys and art/craft materials. We declutter often and take lots of photos of art/papers/etc so as to keep that stuff to a minimum. Although each have a drawer or box for that sort of thing. Some of the kids are more receptive to my assistance in keeping their rooms tidy, but I require a basic level of cleanliness so as to not encourage rodents.
  11. Why isn't it fair for them to take responsibility for their own things? Unless they are moving overseas I think it is fine to ask them to remove their own items or at least pack them efficiently so they won't take up as much space within your living space. They may decide they don't want it after all. As an aside, my mom kept my things until I was out of college and had a place. She gave me all "my" things when we visited after settling in another state. Turns out she had kept a good deal of toys and stuffies (that I thought I had gotten rid of years ago) and Tupperware unbeknownst to
  12. I would love to tackle the 16 yo room, but it has been a bone of contention before (I removed something from her room without permission when she was like 8 and I am not sure she has forgiven me yet) so I won't. I have told my in-laws that they can't die until they have moved. They have been in the same farm house for 30ish years! It's not just the house, there is also the barn and the garage. My mom's 3 bedroom place was bad enough. I'm a minimalist, but try not to go too overboard in the main areas of the house. No one wants it bare. Hubby coming home to work via Covid was a bles
  13. My oldest pretty much did this throughout her homeschool career for history. She loves history, so she devoured many books, a few textbooks and encyclopedias,. It is pretty much our MO for elementary school for all my kids. I didn't make a plan, we just read interesting things and watch interesting videos. Although 2 years ago we did read all the American history books I had on my shelves in roughly chronological order. My oldest is getting a bachelor's in early education right now and doing just fine in all her classes. You have my permission to homeschool using "only" good b
  14. My daughter could do this with basic sewing skills (the trick is to cut one leg and then use that leg as a pattern for the other leg). You could use hem tape to make it even easier. I'd let her try.
  15. My oldest did the bare minimum in high school. Except for literature and creative writing, she did a considerable amount of those. Never even took the SAT. After high school she taught piano and then started working at a daycare. After teaching the four year olds she decided to pursue working for the district. She was never interested in taking a bunch of random classes to get a bachelors, but she took a couple of free Sophia courses last year and decided she could do online schooling. So she is now getting a bachelors in early elementary education with a for profit online school. She w
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