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LA plan for 2017 - mostly MCT Island


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Our approach to early LA has involved a little explicit instruction, a fair bit of dabbling, and hours upon hours of readalouds and audiobooks. DS is now reading fairly fluently, and I'd like to start him off on MCT's Island level books.


If you're familiar with the materials, would you mind stopping by to give me some feedback on this sketch of a plan, please? Is Island a complete LA package, or should I be adding extra spelling?


Here are my thoughts for 2017, for a young 7yo:




* Complete OPG to ensure that phonics rules are covered (currently doing about five lessons a day, so expecting to be done soon).


* Continue homegrown copywork


* Continue readalouds, private reading time, audiobooks


* Complete MCT's Grammar Island and Practice Island concurrently






* Begin MCT's Sentence Island, Music of the Hemispheres, and Building Language concurrently


* Continue readalouds, private reading time, audiobooks

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Agreed with except that you can't complete GI and PI concurrently. You have to do GI before PI will make any sense.


If you want to combine, I suggest GI with MotH. MotH teaches language appreciation even more than poetry, in my opinion, and can make you appreciate the other books even more.


PI gets done a sentence or two at a time after completing GI.

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Are you combining in an attempt to condense?  Have you seen the MCT implementation guide?  https://www.rfwp.com/pages/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/LA-ELEM1.pdf


Basically, the plan they recommend is:

Start with GI

1/2 way through GI start BL (while continuing in part 2 of GI)

Start PI when GI is complete

Start SI when PI is going well and kid seems to apply sentence analysis skills taught in GI well; should finish BL about half way though SI

Do MotH after finishing SI

Optionally, do the Mud trilogy when finished with all of the above.


This is our first year doing MCT, and we're only just hitting the half-way point in SI in the above sequence, but so far it has flowed well this way, with one book building on the previous.  My kid has dysgraphia and will need more direct instruction in actual writing than what SI has been, so I plan to add in Killgallon's elementary sentence composing when we start MotH, where it *seems* like it will fit nicely.

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Are you combining in an attempt to condense? Have you seen the MCT implementation guide? https://www.rfwp.com/pages/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/LA-ELEM1.pdf



You know what? I had completely missed that. Thank you so much for sharing. No plans for condensing - just a whole lot of trouble navigating the rfwp site on my phone, it seems!


No dysgraphia here, but I'd like to keep up some daily handwriting, so we'll just add some homegrown copywork to the days when little writing is required by the Island books we're at.


Pretty sure we'll be hitting spelling formally as well.

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