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DH's lab results..questions!


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So, for starters, his vitamin D is only 15!!!!! That probably explains his low energy, and getting it up may very well help his depression/anxiety!!!!  He doesn't see the doctor for another week, so any advice on how much D (I know to use D3) to take to get that up and have him feeling better?


Also, his cholesterol was high (except the HDL, which was normal), and triglycerides were very high at 250. He needs to eat better (less processed food, less carbs, less whiskey) and exercise. 


Blood glucose, fasting, was 103. She did NOT do an A1C although he'd asked for one. Annoying. 


Most concerning me right now, is that his ALT was elevated at 65, Normal is up to 45. He does drink quite a bit. Not binge drinking. But a few drinks per night. And he's obese now, I'm pretty sure, and I'm worried he either has fatty liver from the weight gain or liver damage from the alcohol (he did binge drink when he was younger). But, the AST level was normal, and his Alkaline Phosphotase was low which research says is really uncommon. 


So no idea what is going on with his liver. 

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What was his bilirubin? A few drinks a night is generally well tolerated by men; it's when they are consuming half a liter of scotch every night that the liver starts struggling and shows up in high bilirubin levels.


Does he exercise? If he doesn't exercise, then I would urge him out the door for a walk in the evenings.

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Here is a link to a website (Labdoor) that ranks some vitamins (D3 is one) by Quality and by Value.


From all indications, they seem to do independent tests and have a good reputation.


My understanding is it is harder to raise D3 when one is obese due to it being a fat-soluble vitamin.  I think most sources would suggest 10,000 units a day.





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