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Help me find: fingerless gloves w/mitten covers (stretchy, not wool)


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Two years ago, maybe even last year, there were lots of these in the store. This year, when dd#3 asked for replacements, I can't find any.


Some of my kids have the fingerless gloves with animals on the mitten cover. Others have the fingerless gloves with a mitten cover that has a magnet tied in so the cover stays flat on the back when you want them to stay fingerless.


My kids lose one of the gloves, so go with non-matching pairs. I'm looking for either of the types above and am not finding any luck. This is for a tween, so the one-size-fits-most either kids or small adult women size is fine.


Not wool. Not knitted (but maybe listed as "knit". Stretchy fabric. The thumbs are covered! 

Anyone have any links? Our local stores that had piles of them the last few years don't have anything like it this year.

Kind of like this, but not with a button & these are too small. This is another type, but also not what she's asking for.


Needs to have covered thumb, and either animal top on the mitten portion or the magnet (instead of button). Won't have both! I have something like these (non-stretchy material) and they are too big & puffy for dd#3. Wants small to fit in her jacket/coat pocket. They look like these stretchy gloves - except fingerless w/mitten covers.


Found the animal type! (But, ouch on the price! There were dozens of types for $2.)


Edited to add more links & info. Thanks!

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