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S/O Bookshark Science 7 (Robotics & Conservation) questions

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So, I saw reference to Bookshark 7 in the 7th grade science thread. Questions for those who have used it.


Could I get the kit and Instructor Guide and then just the books I want to use? (More robotics than conservation interest here!)


Is the age range right on or could you use it younger?


How much of the year is robotics vs the other topics?


How hard are the hands-on projects? Do your kids do them mostly by themselves or are you right in there? Time requirement each week?


Other thoughts would be appreciated on how you use it, how much science your kid has previously had, age/gender of kid, etc.

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Awakening an old thread!


RootAnn, did you ever get any advice about Bookshark 7th grade science? Did you use it?

If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. My rising 7th grader is interested, but I’d love something that has lots of hands-on activities/experiments! I’m hoping it will fill his requests.


Thank you


*Edit to add: We will skip the Earth Science topics because we have been covering most of it through Oak Meadow this year.


S&S of Science 7


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I don't remember getting any PMs and, as you can see, no one posted here. I did not get it, but the kids I'm thinking about using it with still have time before they'd officially be 7th grade (thus my question about using it with youngers). I'm always looking for hands-on, sciency things that I don't have to be super-involved with. The main kid for this did Ellen McHenry's Elements as part of his science this year and loved it. I've also looked into and continue to ponder Exploration Education's materials.

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