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Ack!! Help me get the cigarette smell out of my coat


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You could maybe try Host dry carpet cleaner https://www.amazon.com/HOST-Carpet-Cleaner-Shaker-Pack/dp/B000W9TUSM

I scored a wool rug free that I loved but it was really musty. I used this cleaner per directions and it cleaned it up nice. The fiber was soft and no smell.

It is nautral, smells like sawdust but not after you vacuum it up.

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Yeah, wash it in warm water with eucalan wool wash or shampoo. Swish it gently through the water but don't rub or scrub it. Soaking and rinsing in the same temperature is the way to go, no temperature changes. Once it is clean you can shake water out of it, then lay it on a few towels, roll them up like a burrito, and step on them thorough to push the water out. Change to new towels and repeat the process.


Let it air dry the rest of the way for a day or three and it shouldn't smell much if at all anymore.

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