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Power in Your Hands after Windows to the World?

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I'm considering Sharon Watson's Power in Your Hands (cyber Monday Sale) next year after Windows to the World that we are doing this year.


Would it be too much repetition for a ninth grader-ish who is a fairly solid writer? She's done Let's Eat, Fifi and liked it as well as any grammar she's done, but I look at the samples and see a lot of things we've covered in Writing and Rhetoric, Writing with a Thesis and Windows to the World.


My other thought is Writing with a Thesis (already on the shelf). We'll probably do a couple of the LL High School books along side, maybe with only half of the essays and none of the comprehension questions.


Thoughts? Thanks!

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It's not a repetition of Windows to the World. For writing, WttW only covers writing the literary analysis essay, while the bulk of the program covers annotation and literary analysis through reading/analyzing 6 short stories.


Power in Your Hands is at a pretty gentle intro level, and is only about writing instruction -- no reading/analyzing literature. The writing instruction covers the "how to" aspect of writing, and then covers different types of essays: process paper (how to); position paper; comparison; literary analysis; definition essay. And then it covers a handful of other types of writing: several different types of letters; a devotional; newspaper article; biography; and short assignments on description and narration. In style and tone, it's very much like Jump In (Sharon Watson's middle school beginner writing program), just like the next step up.


From your description of DD, it sounds like she's well beyond PiYH. There may be a few things in there that you haven't covered, but I don't know as though I'd buy the program just for a few parts -- esp. as you can probably fill those in with info you find online or in one of your other resources.


Sounds like you're covered with what you have on the shelf, and you can always do a search for ideas on how to cover some of those other types of writing if you haven't touched on them before. Or, if you need something more incremental that focuses on the essay, and if you like Leisha Myers' teaching style in WttW, you might look at her program of the Elegant Essay.


BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.

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Lori, thanks.

I'm sorry to hear about dog. I just noticed your signature.


So kind of you. Still missing him terribly. He was the sweetest, most gentle-hearted dog ever. We lost him to cancer this summer, but were blessed to have him in our family for over 12 years. I love to think about how one dear lady on these boards says that she pictures him typing up my posts when she sees my avatar. :)

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