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I'm looking for DVD options (to play in an actual DVD player, no DVD-ROM) for any interesting subjects (we've got math and grammar covered).


I don't really enjoy teaching and honestly my kids don't enjoy me teaching. They pick up so much from reading and watching different programs.


I'd like to broaden our horizons and give us more options during these long winter months. Please give me your favorites. Appreciate affordability. Any cyber Monday, or last minute/extended black Friday deals?


My boys are 9, 7, and 4.

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I only know of math/ language arts dvd options for your kids ages. ( Saxon dive, essentials in writing teaching textbooks)


I take that back. There is always Abeka or BJU dvd options but they are expensive.


You could get dvds of wild Kratts of magic school bus for Science, but they are just educational cartoons.

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MATH - Cyberchase, Umizoomi, Odd Squad, Peg + Cat, Mathtacular, Numberjacks

ART - Mister Maker, Atelier, Art Attack

HISTORY - Drive thru History, Horrible Histories, Liberty Kids, Little House on the Prarie, Time Warp Trio, American Girl

SCIENCE - Magic School Bus, Wild Kratts, Bill Nye, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Captain Planet, Sid the Science Kid, Science of Disney Imagineering, Moody Science (Christian-Based), Beakmans World, Chopped, Zula Patrol, Planet Earth, Fizzy;s Lunch Lab, Sonlight's Discover & Do, How it's Made, Microcosmos

GEOGRAPHY - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

LANGUAGE ARTS - Reading Rainbow, Word World, Schoolhouse Rock, Leapfrog dvds (Letter Factory etc), Between the Lions, Wishbone, Martha Speaks, Shakespeare: The Animated Tales, Ghostwriter

MISC - Rock N Learn (Multiple subjects), Little Einsteins, Berenstein Bears,



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